South African School Rugby Top 40 Rankings 15.08.2011

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South African School Rugby Top 40 Rankings:

1 Grey College
2 Hoërskool Noord-Kaap
3 Affies
4 Paarl Boys’ High (Boishaai)
5 Selborne College
6 Hoërskool Monument (Monnas)
7 King Edward School VII (KES)
8 Hoërskool Waterkloof (Klofies)
9 Paul Roos Gymnasium (PRG)
10 Paarl Gimnasium
11 Glenwood High School
12 Queen’s College
13 Dale College
14 Hoër Lanbouskool Oakdale  
15 HTS Middelburg
16 Bishops Diocesan College 
17 Hoër Landbouskool Boland (Bolanders)  
18 Rondebosch Boys’ High School 
19 HTS Drostdy
20 Hoërskool Florida (Florries)
21 Wynberg Boys’ High 
22 Hoërskool Outeniqua (Kwaggas) 
23 Hoërskool Jim Fouché (JF)
24 Helpmekaar Kollege
25 Die Brandwag (Uitenhage)
26 Grey High School (Grey PE)
27 Hoërskool Sentraal (Trallies)
28 Dr EG Jansen
29 Tygerberg High School
30 Hoërskool Diamantveld
31 Hoërskool Marais Viljoen
32 Maritzburg College
33 Westville Boys’ High
34 Hoërskool Kempton Park (Kempies)
35 Hoërskool Framesby
36 Kearsney College
37 Voortrekker
38 Hoërskool Ermelo (Erries)
39 Hoërskool Hentie Cilliers
40 Hoërskool Ben Vorster (Vossies)

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18 Responses to South African School Rugby Top 40 Rankings 15.08.2011

  1. Dave says:

    Since the June break SACS have beaten Dale, Grey PE, Bishops and Wynberg who all feature in the top 30 yet they don’t get a look in. How does that work ?

  2. pim says:

    Not one KZN school in the top 10? Is that maybe why the Sharks have to buy all their players from other provinces? Just asking——

  3. gs says:

    What is Garsfontein’s ranking?

  4. Hennie says:

    what number are Potchefstroom Volkskool?

  5. BS says:

    @Kobus must have been devastating at school boy level ? I hear brandawag lost their way a bit a few years ago but seems they have been getting it right the last year or 2 ?

  6. Kobus says:

    Brandwag used to play Affies until a couple of years ago. It was always a nice match to watch when Affies came down to the Eastern Cape on their annual rugby tour. The last time Affies played here, Pierre Spies was their no 8.

  7. BS says:

    Dont Brandwag play Affies ? heard something about it ?

  8. Kobus says:

    Hey Jacques, get your facts straight. Brandwag did not play against Grey High simply because Grey didn’t want to play against them and, as far a I can see, Oakdale is above them on the list. So far this year, they deserve their spot on the list.

  9. Sibz says:


  10. Jacques says:

    How can brandwag be there they did not play against the big schools only against crey pe and oakdale and lost against them

  11. BS says:

    @Samela Queens deserve their spot.. doubt Dale will pull off the win against Queens in the rec..Dale forwards just dont have enough in them 2 match the likes of Johan Meyer..even though Dale pulled off a expected comfortable win this weekend against Hudson their forwards were still smashed by a side of similar size if not smaller than them

  12. sibz says:

    where can we find the rusults of the top 5 schools. would just love to compare. see the number of wins or losses. but other than that well done on the mamoth task your team had to do. can just imagine. thanks

  13. anthony says:

    What place are cbc boksburg

  14. Samela says:

    I think dale college and queens college should swap …… Because the last time these two schools played against each other(Dale 150th Reunion in june ) dale college won …… This weekend the two teams are going to play again … and we shall see what happens then !!!(D)(A)(L)(E) dale is deffo going to win though !!

  15. Gelan says:

    What number is pretoria boys high school?

  16. Roeloff says:

    Verskoon, Ons Het ook ‘n Craven week speler, en twee onder 16’s wat vir SA Skole gekies is. Ethan Sias en Ruan Ackerman. En omtrent 7 Spelers wat Blou bulle onder 16 gekry het.

  17. Roeloff says:

    Hoerskool Garsfontein dink ek moet hier wees. Ons het al twee jaar in ‘n ry die PUK Prestige reeks gewen en die onder 16’s het Kwart-eind finale verloor teen E.G Jansen, en Die eerstes teen Florida met ek dink 3 punte, nie seker nie. 1stes het ook 28-32 of iets daar rond in die beeld uitdunne verloor teen waterkloof. Die onder 16’s paarl gim toer het hulle diamantveld gewen 34-6, en Brackenfell 31-3, en Die Punt 48-0. Garsfontein is oppad om groot rugby te speel. En ek dink hulle verdien ‘n plek op dai rankings. Turquoise Trots!

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