rondebosch boys high rugby vs Stellenberg 2013 [picture by Johann Minnaar]

Cape Schools Week 2013 Fixtures

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Paarl Gimnasium will be hosting the 2013 Cape Schools Week that will take place from 22nd to 26th June 2013.

22 June 2013

09:00 Boland Landbou vs Dale College
10:20 Rondebosch Boys’ High vs Muir College
11:40 Paarl Gimnasium vs Grey High School (PE)
13:00 Wynberg Boys’ High vs Queen’s College
14:20 SACS vs Selborne College

24 June 2013

09:00 Rondebosch Boys’ High vs Selborne College
10:20 SACS vs Queen’s College
11:40 Wynberg Boys’ High vs Muir College
13:00 Boland Landbou vs Grey High School (PE)
14:20 Paarl Gimnasium vs Dale College

26 June 2013

08:00 SACS vs Grey High School (PE)
09:20 Wynberg Boys’ High vs Dale College
10:40 Boland Landbou vs Selborne College
12:00 Rondebosch Boys’ High vs Queen’s College
13:20 Paarl Gimnasium vs Muir College

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2 Responses to Cape Schools Week 2013 Fixtures

  1. Andrew Rose says:

    fixtures have changed again?

  2. Andrew Rose says:

    Why in the world would they arrange the fixtures for the Saturday games to be clashing with the B&I Lions, Bokke and all other international fixtures?

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