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Photo: Anton Geyser


Victor Matfield:


Q: Having played in numerous World Cups, what about this tournament still excites you?


A: Winning the tournament is the ultimate for any player so that is my motivation.


Q: What advice do you give to players making their debut in the tournament?


A: I think its like any other big game. You need to focus on the same things you do every game and don’t let any side shows take your focus away.


Q: The Boks have gone through some challenging experiences of late, how is the spirit in the camp ahead of departing for the UK?


A: I thought we were very good against Australia and New Zealand, we could easily have won both games if it wasn’t for some crucial injuries in the games. We’ve also got some key players back so we are very confident going into the tournament.


Q: What are the squad’s strengths?


A: I think we’ve got a great mix of youngsters and experience players. Now it is just to gel as a team and we are very close to that


Q: Which boots do you wear and why do they suit your playing style?


A: I am a tight forward so I wear the PUMA evoPOWER H8 boots. I really love them.


Q: Pre-match, do you have a specific personal routine – any rituals or superstitions we should know about?


A: Not really. I just like to do everything the same every week. My only superstition is having a sweets feast the night before the game.

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