Blue Bulls give BokSmart thumbs up.

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The Blue Bulls Company takes the lead in the BokSmart program on Wednesday when they will train all the coaches of their professional and amateur teams to the finer details of the program.

Numerous regulations with regards to the program will kick in on January 1st next year, but according to Kosie Horn from the BBC’s training department, they want to have 1700 coaches and referees accredited to the program by November 30th.

By training the coaches of their professional and amateur sides on Wednesday, the BBC wants to show their commitment and support for the program, Horn said.

“We have completed the training of 650 referees and coaches already and are hard at work in our clusters in the Tshwane and Limpopo regions. We hope that this session on Wednesday will motivate all our coaches and referees to attend our sessions. If the professional coaches are willing to attend and support the program, all should do it.”

Former Northern Transvaal stalwart Pote Fourie is one of the training officers, with Johan Zurich the project leader for the professional team session on Wednesday at the Tuks Groenkloof-campus.

The South African Rugby Union underwrites the BokSmart program aimed at bigger safety in the game of rugby. This is done by training coaches and referees in a better application of the laws, training techniques and injury management.

In some of the regulations that will come into effect next year, no match will be allowed to take place if all the officials involved have not been BokSmart accredited.

The spineline is 0800 678 678

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