Hilton College vs Michaelhouse Match Report on 27 April 2013

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On a warm balmy Saturday afternoon on a packed Gilfillan field ( apprx 8000 people) the first of the Hilton- Michaelhouse clashes took place . It was a wonderful occasion and celebration of fine school rugby from the u14D till the 1st XV. In total 20 rugby matches were played in wonderful spirit which epitomise what school boy sport is, and should be about. On the day in the 1st XV match Hilton were worthy winners. Part of the day was an initiative by two Hilton boys, Michael Salgado (Head of School) and Matt Holding, were each boy wore a pink armband in support of PinkDrive for breast cancer awareness. All the boys also had pink ribbons on their blazers to support this fine cause. Many of the spectators also showed their support by wearing pink!

Hilton vs Michaelhouse

Hilton 1st won 42-12
Hilton 2nd won 21-15
Hilton 3rd won 13-8
House 4th won 5-20
Hilton 5th won 20-7
Hilton 6th won 43-12
Hilton 7th won 38-7
Hilton 8th won 24-12

Hilton 16A won 7-3
Hilton 16B won 38-15
House 16C won 0-28
Hilton 16D won 15-0

Hilton 15A won 20-19
House 15B won 3-22
House 15C  won 7-36
House 15D won 0-51

Hilton 14A won 17-12
Hilton 14B won 17-12
Hilton 14C won 35-12
Hilton 14D won 36-5

Hilton won 15 matches
House won 5 matches

[by Paul Guthrie – Hilton College]

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