TOP 30 School Rugby Rankings

1st XV School Rugby Rankings 2017

South Africa’s latest TOP 30 School Rugby 1st XV Rankings for u18/u19 age group.

Information compiled by Adv. Johan Jonck 

Top 20 School Rugby Rankings (1 September 2017) 
 *(Lost international match)
 2017 P L D
1 Paarl Boys’ High 20 1* 0
2 Grey College 14 2 0
3 Hoërskool Monument
20 2 0
4 King Edward VII School 15 1 0
5 Paarl Gimnasium 16 5 0
6 Hoërskool Waterkloof 18 5 0
7 Paul Roos Gymnasium 16 5 0
8 Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool (Pta) 18 5 0
9 Helpmekaar Kollege  16  3  0
10 Glenwood High School  14  4  0
11 St Andrews College  17  2  0
12 Grey High School (PE)  18  5  1
13 Boland Landbou  18  8  0
14 SACS   20  4  2
15 Hoërskool Outeniqua  15  5  0
16 Hoërskool Nelspruit  15  5  0
17 Stellenberg High School  21  5  1
18 Hoërskool Garsfontein  15  6  0
19 Hoërskool Centurion  13  2  1
20 Hoërskool Noord-Kaap  14  4  0
21 Hoër Landbouskool Oakdale 14  7*  0
22 22  10  0
23 Dale College  21  6  2
24 HTS Drostdy 18  5  1
25 Rondebosch Boys High 20  8  2
26 Hoërskool Framesby 15  7*  0
27 Hudson Park High School 18  7  1
28 Hilton College 15  3  0
29 Durban High School 22  10  0
30 18  9  1


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 P: Played | L: Lost | D: Draw (teams in bold won the past wknd matches) 

*played teams abroad

– Bold Ranked nr is changes 

We will extend the ranks from 21 to 30 during 3rd term.

1st XV Rugby Rankings compiled by

If your school not featured please email year & weekly results along with dates, league. Schools that participated against Top5 & Top10 teams & lost will not be penalised as much as schools with good record but very few Top5 & Top10 opponents.

or festival matches took place to to help keep these estimated.

strength indicator ranks as accurate as possible.

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Final 2016 Top 20 Ranks 


Final Top 30 Rankings – 2015

1 Paarl Boys High 21 0 0
2 Paul Roos Gymnasium 22* 3 0
3 Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool (Pta) 15 2 1
4 Grey College 17 4 1
5 Paarl Gimnasium 18 3 1
6 Hoërskool Monument 21* 5 1
7 Michaelhouse 13 0 0
8 Hoërskool Garsfontein 17 7 0
9 Hoër Landbouskool Oakdale 15 4 0
10 HTS Middelburg 19 6 0
11 Selborne College 21 3 1
12 Grey High School (PE) 16 4 0
13 Hoërskool Dr EG Jansen 18 6 0
14 Hoërskool Outeniqua 14 4 0
15 Hoërskool Eldoraigne 16 2 0
16 Boland Landbou 18* 7 0
17 Rondebosch Boys High 25* 9 1
18 Bishops 16 6 0
19 Glenwood High 22 9 1
20 SACS 21 7 0
21 Hoërskool Diamantveld 17 5 2
22 Hoërskool Nelspruit 16 4 2
23 HTS Louis Botha 14 4 0
 24  Welkom Gymnasium  15  3  0
25 Stellenberg High School 24* 4 0
26 Helpmekaar Kollege 19 5 0
27 Hoërskool Waterkloof 16* 8 0
28 Hoërskool Noord-Kaap 14 3 1
29 Potchefstroom Gimnasium 20 3 0
30 Dale College 20 8 0


The Final School 1st XV Rugby Rankings for 2014

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 P: Played | L: Lost | D: Draw (teams in bold won the past wknd matches) *didnt play – Bold Ranked nr is changes

Top 30 Final 2014 Rankings (1 September 2014) P L D
1 Grey College 22 1 1
2 Hoërskool Garsfontein 17 3 0
3 Paul Roos Gymnasium 20 3 0
4 Hoërskool Monument 24 3 2
5 Grey High School (PE) 21 4 0
6 Selborne College 20 3 1
7 Hoërskool Waterkloof 15 4 0
8 Paarl Gimnasium 18 4 0
9 Hoërskool Nelspruit 17 5 0
10 Glenwood High 25 4 0
11 Paarl Boys High 30 6 1
12 Hoërskool Dr EG Jansen 18 4 0
13 Wynberg Boys High 21 4 0
14 Maritzburg College 21 4 2
15 Hoërskool Outeniqua
15 5 0
16 HTS Louis Botha 15 3 0
17 Hoërskool Menlopark 19 5 0
18 HTS Middelburg 18 5 0
19 Hoër Landbouskool Oakdale 16 5 0
20 Michaelhouse 16 4 0
21 Dale College 20 6 0
22 Bishops 21 7 0
23 Hoërskool Tygerberg 22 5 1
24 Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool (Pta) 15 7 0
25 Helpmekaar Kollege 15 5 0
26 Kearsney College 21 7 0
27 Westville Boys High 18 6 1
28 Jeppe High 17 5 1
29 St Andrews College
18 6 0
30 Hoër Landbouskool Marlow 19 9 0



The Final School 1st XV Rugby Rankings for 2013

1 Afrikaans Hoer Seunskool Pta (Affies)
2 Paarl Gimnasium
3 Grey College
4 Hoërskool Outeniqua (Kwaggas)
5 Hoërskool Dr EG Jansen (Jansies)
6 Hoërskool Garsfontein (Garsies)
7 Hoërskool Nelspruit (Nelies)
8 Hoërskool Waterkloof (Klofies)
9 HTS Middelburg (RooiBulle)
10 Hoërskool Monument (Monnas)
11 Paarl Boys High School (Boishaai)
12 Grey High School (PE)
13 Kearsney College
14 Glenwood High School
15 Hoërskool Transvalia
16 Hoërskool Kempton Park
17 Hoër Landbouskool Oakdale
18 Hoerskool Noord-Kaap
19 Westville Boys High
20 Pretoria Boys’ High School
21 Hoërskool Centurion
22 Hoërskool Menlopark
23 Jeppe Boys High
24 Queens College
25 Paul Roos Gymnasium
26 Wynberg Boys’ High
27 HTS Drostdy
28 Selborne College
29 Hilton College
30 HTS Louis Botha

65 Responses to TOP 30 School Rugby Rankings

  1. Where does Pretoria Boys High School rate?

  2. What happened in the City of Roses? It seems that PRG surrendered.

  3. What happened in the City of Roses? It seems that PRG surrendered.

  4. Bryn Jevon says:

    Sorry the 4th side they lost to was Menlopark. The point I was making Selborne plays most of their opposition from outside of EL and I do believe both sides had great seasons if you in the top 20 you have done well.

  5. Bryn Jevon Grey PE did not lose to Oakdale, and only PE opposition is Framesby. However I think 4th or 5th is fair enough for Grey PE. Selborne lost at home to Grey without Grey having 3 of their SA schools players, thus one cannot say they should be above them.

  6. Bryn Jevon says:

    Grey PE lost 4 matches one of which was to Queens College. Selborne played 20 matches of which 5 were against East London schools. Selborne lost 3 matches. If you call wins against Westville, Queens ,Dale, Framesby, Drostdy, St Andrews, draw against Monument as etc and our only losses against Grey Bloem, Grey PE and Affies in my opinion it at least equalled Grey PE`s season. Grey also plays PE schools who might not be as competive as the so called big guns. Grey came unstuck against Waterkloof. EG Jansen , Oakdale and Queens College. In my opinion both these schools had great seasons and have done the Eastern Cape proud as far as school boy rugby is concerned,

  7. Johan Kriel says:

    A team like Grey Bloem is justifiably ranked 1st, be it as it may only until this weekend when they will surrender their position to Paul Roos Gymnasium after their clash in the City of Roses. However on paper we might not see this change as the people working the calculators at Rugby15 are predominantly Grey Bloem offspring.
    Having said all this, I do still have the world of respect for Grey Bloem, and a little banter can always go a long mile, not so?
    However, what I struggle to understand is how a school like Garsfontein can feature in the top 5 if they have not even played a team in the top 5, not even to mention Gimmies or Boishaai lying in 9th and 10th respectively. Surely to calculate them into 2nd position on the national school ranking system is somewhat of a long shot?? Look, Garsfontein surely is a strong school, but how would they match up against the big 3 from WC, Grey College in Bloem or even Grey High school in PE?
    Selborne College in all honesty should not even make the top 10 as they also have not been measured against top tier opposition.
    Anyways, thats just my 10c worth – now for the hate mail to follow…………

  8. Ruth du Toit says:

    Kan iemand dalk help? Sover ek weet hetPaarl Boy's High 4 games verloor . Volgens die stats is dit 5 , is dit so ? Ongeag of dit wel 4 is, kom ons los dit 5 uit 27 gespeel . Waterkloof verloor 4 uit 15. Byna n derde van hul seisoen . Waterkloof le 7de en HJS 10de. Maak dit sin? Ek kan nie dink dis omdat Waterkloof beter/moeiliker opponente sou gespeel het, wat hul wenne swaarder kan laat weeg en sodoende vir hul n beter posisie regverdig nie. LW : dit gaan nie hier oor of HJS of Wterklf beter of swakker is nie, dit gaan hieroor die meriete van die log. Kan iemand my dalk touwys maak waar ek die plot verloor ?

  9. GREY PE beat Grey Bloem and Selborne, but Selborne is ahead of Grey PE because the beat Hudson etc?

  10. Did anyone notice how the ranking goes "1,2,3,4,,8,7,6,5", whats that about? Grey is 5th?

  11. Johan Vorster says:

    Can someone explain how these rankings are calculated. Some teams has played more games than others ( Paarl Boys High ) as an example. Other teams played far less games but they are ranked above the teams playing more games and losing 1 game more than the others. This does not make sense. Please explain how these rankings are done then we will all understand.

  12. David Lemmer says:

    Please explain to how do Selborne get ranked 5th ??????????????????? they have not beaten 1 good school this year and most of their games have been against local teams who are pretty weak to say the LEAST ?????

  13. David Kalis, ek antwoord jou in MY taal – AFRIKAANS – hoewel ek JOU taal baie vlot kan praat en skryf! Jy klink na n regte klein suur en dan speel jy tale teen mekaar af om jou argument te probeer regverdig! Gaan lewer liewer kommentaar oor gholf, veerpyltjies en rolbal! Jy is heel duidelik nie objektief genoeg om hier oor skole-rugby te gesels nie!

  14. David Kalis says:

    What I don't understand, is why Wynberg Boys', the second oldest school in South Africa isn't regarded as a Premier School for Rugby? Also, why are there no Wynberg Boys' in any of the Craven Week Teams, yet there are Bishops' and SACS' boys? I think way too much focus is put on Afrikaans Schools when it comes to Provincial Selections! Afrikaans is a dying culture and Afrikaans kids were not better in their positions than English speaking kids when I was at school and still aren't today! I will give you a classic example of this from my day, by asking why Corne Krige was chosen over Jake Boer? Same age, same position… Jake was much better than Corne, yet Province selected and played Corne not Jake??? Something must be done at SARU, because when this happens, we get guys like Bakkies Botha in the teams, yet they don't know how to control their tempers and get carded, costing our national team and our country embarrassment through losses as a result of playing a man short. SARU must re-access their selection teams, maybe by putting less Afrikaaners in their selection committees. Wake Up SARU, this is the New South Africa and Afrikaaners are long since been the only culture that can play rugby. In South Africa, English speaking kids play rugby just as well; and more often than not, they actually play it with more talent and intellect than Afrikaans kids!

  15. Warren Douglas Lloyd Manning says:

    Good to see Wynberg in the top 15!

  16. Watched the Affies / KES match yesterday, Affies / Grey College (Bloem) last week and Grey College (PE) / Paarl Roos a few weeks back – amazing stuff. These kids are big, strong and talented. It's a pity that their natural instinctive talent is so often coached out of them in SA.

    • You meant Grey High PE? because Grey College is the one in Bloemfontein, Grey High School (PE) is the one in Port ELizabeth that played PRG earlier this year

  17. David Lyness says:

    How they won Pieter?

  18. Johan Orton says:

    Well done Nelspruit!

  19. Last year I made comment on Twitter, correcting Rugby15 or School Rugby about a fact they got wrong during the Craven Week. After that Rugby15 deleted my comment & blocked me from all their Twitter accounts & to this day I still don't know what I did or said wrong. Most sites would just say something like "thank you for your comment, we corrected it" or whatever. I am or used to be (as I can't anymore) a big supporter of the site & used to follow everything & also give interesting facts about things they might not know especially as I'm a big supporter of school rugby & I'm also aiming towards being a sports journalist. Currently doing Honours. Yet, I'm clueless as to why I was blocked. Is this a tendency?

    • yes we block negativity, we dont publish negative articles like e.g. poaching of players etc…

      unfortunately thats our policy & cater for those that accepts our conditions & enjoy positivity

      I can arrange for unblock, send me your twitter handle and facebook url

  20. Peter Betts this 2013 comments

  21. Peter Betts says:

    But lost heavily to St Andrews who is not on the list and THUMPED Hilton who are on the list …its a mess up

  22. Ruan Lombard says:

    Affies was onoorwonne al het hulle gesukkel teen waterkloof het hulle gewen, waar Gim gelykop gespeel het teen Oakdale as ek dit reg het..

  23. Lesley Goodwin says:

    Very not cool

  24. Rory Petzer says:

    Haha! Send send!

  25. Rory Petzer says:

    I got a retweet from Ricky Gervais. Ek skrik vir niks. Tell them.

  26. Rory Petzer says:

    #newsbyrory is onto it.

  27. oh oh…the wrath of the super mom is about to be unleashed!

  28. Graeme Baldwin says:

    Ninja mom, activate!!! Chad Momberg, they may need a little advice here!

  29. goeie een Bernadette!

  30. Brandon Robb says:


  31. Nelio de Sà says:

    The draw cost Gimmies dearly because Oakdale rank low at 17th on rank

  32. Apologies, yes Oakdale! My vote remains with Affies.

  33. Apologies, yes Oakdale! My vote remains with Affies.

  34. Ruan Christoffel Botha says:

    Geen manier hoe hierdie rankings presies akkuraat kan wees nie. Almal voel altyd hul skool moet beter gerank wees. Die grootter skole word semi benadeel deur die klein skooltjies wat teen plaas skooltjies of iets in die omgewing speel, alles wen, en die wen persentasie deurstuur. Maar nogtans geluk aan Affies!

  35. Nelio de Sà says:

    Jonathan Gerber Oakdale drew to Gimmies 17-17

  36. Nelio de Sà says:

    Jonathan Gerber Oakdale drew to Gimmies 17-17

  37. Niels Momberg says:

    We're seem to care as we are reading and commenting on the article. When did they draw. Gim played Outeniqua twice and beat them twice.

  38. Niels Affies were power, who cares about the rankings anyway? Surely Gim draw to Outeniqua counted against them. having seen both play I think it would have been a massive game, but my money would have been on Affies!

  39. Nelio – dankie vir die laat weet. So jammer dat Gim nie teen Affies op Wildeklawer gespeel het nie – dan hoef daar nie enige bespiegelinge te gewees het nie. Stem nog steeds nie met jou saam oor die Outeniqua & Bloem-Grey ranking nie. feit bly staan – Grey het teen hulle verloor by Kearsney (en dit moes eintlik redelik ver / verder gewees het).

    • Benhard I hear you, but the overall performance is what we rank, not one game early in year that was won by 2 points. The 2nd loss to Paarl Gim cost them their position, consistency wasnt on par, cross reference e.g. EG Jansen totally dominated Noord-Kaap by 39-12 while Kwaggas struggled along to win eventually 36-23. I take many things in consideration and each week we adjust as teams progress and improve each new week.

  40. Niels Momberg says:

    Frankel ek het Gim 'n paar keer sien speel vanjaar en daar is by my geen twyfel dat hulle die beste span in die land is nie. Maar soos baie sal se wat weet Momberg van Rugby af?

  41. Kom nou Andre stuur maar vir Andrique Affies toe , maak nie saak wat hulle le bo op die log ! Dan kan Laurel en Hardy steeds saam speel !

  42. Nelio de Sà says:

    Benhard Wiese Just had a look at other ranking systems out there, Out of 7 School Rugby Ranking Systems in SA, 5 had Affies as nr1 & 2 had Gimmies as nr1

  43. Just had a look at other ranking systems out there, Out of 7 School Rugby Ranking Systems in SA, 5 had Affies as nr1 & 2 had Gimmies as nr1

  44. Nelio de Sà says:

    Just had a look at other ranking systems out there, Out of 7 School Rugby Ranking Systems in SA, 5 had Affies as nr1 & 2 had Gimmies as nr1.

  45. Nelio de Sà says:

    Benhard I hear u, but its been up and down both ways, e.g. Affies beat Glenwood 53-23, Gimmies beat Glenwood 40-12 & now because Grey beat Glenwood 68-7 without their 2 SA Schools players doesnt make Grey better than Affies or Gimmies

  46. Ranks unchanged again…. minimum movement since June, Thanks for an awesome 2013 & for all your loyal support

  47. Dit werk mos deesdae so, as dit nie sin maak nie,is dit reg(maak ek sin) haha

  48. Marietjie Nell says:

    Ja ,ja-maar Affies is nog steeds eerste! Ag Benhard ek spot net-jy weet ek worry nie veel oor rugby nie! Lekker dag !

  49. Jaaaaaaaa Marietjie – gaan loer ook na Supersport ens. se "rankings" – gelukkig is daar altyd meer as een opinie! Interessant dat Gim uit sowat 210 graad 11 & 12 seuns in totaal (dus O/18's) vier SA Skole & altesaam 14 provinsiale spelers uit die "klas van 2013 opgelewer het. Statsgewys is dit 2% = SA Skolespelers & 6,7% van al ons seuns = provinsiale spelers. Hoogtepunt vanjaar was egter ons 2de span (met vier 1ste span spelers in) wie vir PE Grey (12de in SA vlg Nelio) gewen het.

  50. Marietjie Nell says:

    Hallo Benhard – geluk met julle tweede plek ! Affie groete.

  51. Jis Benhard ! Moet Gim nie maar game reel nie. Hahahaha. Kom ons reel dat Gim teen Affies op Loftus speel en Grey in Cheethas stadion speel. Ons reel dit maar so deur die matriekafskeid en eindeksamen. Of moet ons die Std 9's laat speel? Wat dink?

  52. Naretha Nortier says:

    Lost against Nico Malan!

  53. Nico Vermaak says:

    Whateva, we all know Gym is the top school this year.

  54. Outeniqua won 8 op your top 20 schools, including Grey Bloem. Grey nr 3 Outeniqua nr 4?

  55. Outeniqua het gister deurgedring na die Burger se finaal met 'n oorwinning van 18-6 teen Marlow in storm reën en wind!

  56. Nelio de Sà says:

    Ranks unchanged again… this is more a less how the year will end…