Stellenbosch University administrative report

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The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has been advised that a Stellenbosch University administrative report handed to SAPS refers to Jurie Roux, CEO of SARU. Please find below responses from Roux and Mr Oregan Hoskins, president of SARU.

Jurie Roux

“Some months ago I was interviewed on one occasion by auditors appointed by Stellenbosch University on a policy matter relating to the authority to transfer funds internally. There was no suggestion of personal gain. I am not aware of any charges against me.

“I understand that a report has been filed with the SAPS for investigation, but I have no knowledge of its contents or the accusations against me. I deny any wrongdoing.

“I must stress that the discussions that took place related to events prior to my appointment as CEO of the South African Rugby Union and do not relate to any activities of SARU. I advised my employers that I had been called to interview as part of the Stellenbosch audit and they were fully aware of the process.

“My main concern now is that this report does not affect the operations of SARU and that the matter is cleared up as soon as possible.

“With that in mind it would not be helpful in either cause to say anything further at this time.”

Mr Oregan Hoskins

“We were advised by our CEO of the conversation that took place some time ago in relation to his former employment at the University of Stellenbosch.

“We are in no position to comment on the detail of the audit as it does not relate to the activities of the South African Rugby Union and pre-dates the appointment of Jurie Roux as CEO of SARU.

“This is entirely a Stellenbosch University matter and has no bearing on the CEO’s role at SARU.

“All I can say is that Jurie Roux is an outstanding CEO of SARU who, among other things, has been rigorous in ensuring that the highest standards of corporate governance have been applied in our organisation. He continues to enjoy our full confidence and support.”

Mr Hoskins said SARU would make no further comment on the matter.

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