A plea for attention to safety by all rugby supporters!!

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On Route to the Stadium

On Route to the Stadium

Thousands of rugby fans are again driving to and from rugby stadiums across South Africa. Much attention is given to entertainment after the game and many alcoholic beverages are available to enjoy after a good match.

We would like to urge all rugby fans to travel safely to and from the stadium. On the Arrive Alive website we have made available information to assist our spectators when travelling to the stadiums. May we live to enjoy the game – and to attend the next game as well!

We would like to share a few suggestions on how to act in the event of an emergency:

In Case of Emergency

Be prepared in the unlikely event of an accident or roadside emergency. Ensure that you have your cell phone available as a valuable safety device. Not only can it be used to find directions but information about an accident can be communicated accurately and speedily and emergency response acquired.

In the event of an emergency call you would need to supply the following info:

•Your telephone number (to remain in contact with you should you be cut off)
•Your location (street name and nearest cross road)
•The details of what has happened, how many people are injured, etc.

This will allow the dispatcher to send the correct personnel from the closest area. In addition the call takers are able to give you telephonic advice as to what to do to help the injured on the accident scene.

When you need assistance, kindly call the following numbers

Police 10111
Fire 10111
Ambulance 10117
Arrive Alive Call Centre 0861 400 800
Netcare 911 082 911
ER24 Number 084 124

If you are calling from a mobile you can also get emergency services by dialling 112.

Enquire before you embark on your journey which emergency services are rendered by your cellular operator and which numbers you might need to dial if you are in need!

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