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Nelio en Jonckie

About Rugby15

Rugby enthusiasts are fanatical in their support for their national, regional and local teams. They travel longs distances to attend matches, view broadcasts on television and also the re-broadcasts later in the week! They follow the discussions on television, radio, newspapers and the many rugby websites. They wish to know more and are hungry for information!

Why Rugby15?

Rugby is perhaps the only sport with 15 players per side. There have been changes over the years to the points system as well as the players on the bench, but one number has remained the same -15 players per side on the pitch!

Rugby has always been characterized as a truly team sport which requires more than the brilliance of one individual player to provide victory. Teams have developed unique styles of play over the years and even though there might be slight shifts in strategy and the specific style might be determined by the abilities of individuals in the team – most teams will strive to play a brand know as the “15 man rugby!”

We decided to share our love and passion for the game with the online community with Rugby15 through the website Rugby15!

Rugby15 is for the true rugby enthusiasts! This is for the supporter who wishes to know more about the game, the teams, the players the rules and the behind-the –sceen details. On Rugby15 we will share the game with our spectators across the world and invite greater interaction. Though this information portal on rugby we will strive to facilitate a greater understanding and sharing of the game!

May you enjoy the game and partner us in making this wonderful game even more enjoyable!! Follow us on the website, the mobile site at rugby15.mobi, the Facebook Fanpage, Twitter account at Rugbyfifteen etc.

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