Are we REALLY seeing more rugby in Super14 2010?

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Super 14 Rugby Stats by

Super 14 Rugby Stats by

Much has been made of the newer interpretation of the laws of the game. The objective has been to allow for more running rugby by “speeding –up” the game and preventing the defending teams from slowing the ball down.

In the Gary Gold analysis we find that there has been a significant swing in the awarding of penalties and that the attacking teams have been awarded 78% of the penalties!

We have seen many more penalties awarded – which begs the question – Are we really seeing more rugby and play on the pitch?

Statistics might tell us that this is not the case! The guys from have made available interesting data after the first 3 Rounds of Super 14 rugby. The “ball in play” is the time measured from whistle to whistle, ie from when a ball is kicked out till the start of the line-out. It appears that the ball was in play on average only 32 minutes.

In 2009, with all the free kicks awarded instead of penalties, the ball was in play for an average of 37 minutes!

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