Damian de Allende issued Warning

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The SANZAAR Foul Play Review Committee has issued a Warning to Damian de Allende of South Africa after he was issued with a Red Card during a Rugby Championship match at the weekend.

De Allende was issued a Red Card for a breach of Law10.4(o) “Late charging the kicker” in The Rugby Championship match between South Africa and New Zealand at DHL Newlands, Cape Town on 7 October 2017.

The Foul Play Review Committee found that the offence did not warrant a Red Card in all the circumstances and has issued a Warning.

SANZAAR Judicial Rule 7.4 states: “The Foul Play Review Committee may issue a Warning to a Player who has been cited or sent off if in the opinion of the Foul Play Review Committee the act of Foul Play came close to but did not warrant the Player receiving a red card in circumstances where the Player did not receive a yellow card for the act of Foul Play during the Match.”

The SANZAAR Foul Play Review Committee of Nigel Hampton QC (Chairman), Stefan Terblanche and John Langford assessed the case.

In his finding, Foul Play Review Committee Chairman Nigel Hampton QC ruled the following:

“Having conducted a detailed review of all the available evidence, including all camera angles, as well as submissions from his legal representative, Attie Heyns, the Foul Play Review Committee found that, on an objective study, and with more time and video angles than the Referee had available to him, the act of foul play committed only came close to warranting a Red Card, and therefore a Warning (equivalent to a Yellow Card) was issued instead.”

“The charge was late and the player had time to pull out before colliding with his opponent. However, the collision was not effected with a great deal of force, with the initial contact being made with the player’s forearm on the opponent’s chest, from whence the arm rose up to make contact, again not forceful, onto the opponent’s neck. The opponent was not injured.”

“The player is therefore free to play and will serve no suspension”

All SANZAAR disciplinary matters are in the first instance referred to the Foul Play Review Committee to provide the option of expediting the judicial process.

For a matter to be dispensed with at this hearing, the person appearing must plead guilty and accept the penalty offered by the Foul Play Review Committee.

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