Friends to cycle Coast2Coast in memory of Rugby Loving accident victim Connor Bell

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Philip Adamson, Darryl Gove, Jason Bell, Kim van Wyk, Morne Schutte, Mercia Basson, Chris Miller, John Allan

On the 26th of March 2011, a young boyʼs life was tragically cut short.
Now, 14 friends connected to the Bell family are cycling from Cape Town to Durban (coast to coast) in memory of Connor, and to raise funds for a trust set up in Connorʼs name.

The Connor Bell Sports Trust

Connor Bell had only recently turned eight when he and his mother were killed in a terrible car accident on Athlone Bridge in Durban. To honour his sonʼs memory and love for sports – and passion for rugby especially – Connorʼs dad, Jason Bell, has set up a trust fund in his name.

Any funds raised for The Connor Bell Sports Trust will go towards assisting with rugby development, coaching and refereeing for disadvantaged schools.

A little bit about Connor

From an early age, Connor loved playing with a ball. His main love was rugby and no surprise, his favourite team was the Sharks. He spent his holidays playing rugby at Garvz Kids, collected all of the rugby cards he could get his hands on, memorised all of the stats, and had an amazing knowledge of the game.

His passion for sport also extended to tennis and soccer. Connor thrived on the challenge of playing against those better than him – a remarkable virtue for a young boy. Connor was crazy about soccer and in the early hours of the morning, could be found watching the Spanish team on SuperSport Maximo with Spanish commentary, completely engrossed by the game.

Connor Bell was a remarkable little boy, and his passion for sports was inspiring – so much so that a group of people decided to do something inspired – to make a difference.

Coast to coast

Moved by Jason Bellʼs commitment to his sonʼs love for sports, 14 friends decided to do something extreme to create awareness around the dangers of drunk driving, and to help raise R 1 million for the Trust…and thus Coast2Coast was born.

These non-cyclists have kitted up to cycle from Newlands Stadium in Cape Town, through Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein, to finally arrive at Kings Park Stadium in Durban, on the morning of the South Africa vs. Australia Tri-Nations game on 13 August 2011.

The team will be cycling past as many rugby stadiums as possible en route, to pay tribute to Connorʼs love and appreciation of the game.

Show your support

Coast2Coast for Connor is aiming to raise R 1 million for the Trust – and needs your help. Along with Jason Bell (Connorʼs father) Philip, Darryl, Dan, Clifford, Shaun, Chris, Mercia, Kim, Morné and Eugene are cycling more than 2 000km in memory of Connor, and it would only take 500 people sponsoring R 1 per KM to reach their goal.

So make a difference today by donating to The Connor Bell Sports Trust. Every Rand raised will help to grow the game that Connor loved so much, and give other kids a chance to play to their passions.

You can donate via EFT with the details below:
Account: The Connor Bell Sports Trust
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Account number: 330 695 827
Branch: Musgrave Road
Branch code: 042626
Please ensure you use C2C as a reference.

You can also keep track of the Coast2Coast team at

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