John Smit signs up as SA ambassador for Lay's Flavour Cup

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Lay’s is embarking on an exciting new campaign, to entice consumers to voice their opinion on a worthy challenger flavour to take on South Africa’s Biltong Flavour in the final of the campaign known as the ‘Lay’s Flavour Cup’. The campaign is representative of four countries with significant cultures, traditions and food to choose from. These four nations are South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and England.


To add a bit of sporting flair, Springbok Captain John Smit has been signed up as ambassador for this campaign.


Each nation will be represented by a Lay’s flavour true to their heritage. The premise of the campaign is to determine who will challenge the South African flavour, Biltong, in the final of the ‘Lay’s Flavour Cup’. As such the South African flavour will proceed directly through to the final while consumers will have to vote for a flavour from the other three countries they deem worthy to compete alongside the home flavour.


When we refer to the final it means that the winning challenger flavour along with the South African Biltong flavour will be launched into the market for a limited period”, says Roma Ramkhelawan, Senior Brand Manager for Lay’s.


The competing flavours are Airedale Cheese & Black Pepper from picturesque New Zealand with Aussie Prawn on the Barbie from sunny Australia and Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding from regal England. The flavours are represented on the Lay’s website with pack shots and clear product descriptions to offer voters a sense of the flavours. Voting takes place on the website as well as by smsing the name of the challenger flavour consumers would like to see in the final to 32310 (Lays 1 for Prawn on the Barbie, Lays 2 for Airedale Cheese & Black Pepper or Lays 3 for Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding). Consumers can also win 1 of 2 iPads weekly for the duration of the voting period.


We believe that this campaign represents South Africa’s strong competitive spirit when it comes to supporting our country against other worthy competitors. It is fun and creates a strong sense of patriotism when voting for a flavour they perceive good enough to take on the South African Biltong flavour”, adds Ramkhelawan.


This campaign is supported with digital and radio advertising and a Facebook campaign – .


Voting takes place from 28 April – 26 May and the winning flavour along with the Biltong flavour will be in store from mid August.


About the Flavours:


Biltong: Beef fillet, marinated in vinegar, rubbed with a blend of salt, coriander, brown sugar, black pepper and our secret combination of herbs and spices, left to dry under the African sun.


Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding: Beef sirloin, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, a hint of garlic, slow roasted to perfection, only slightly pink at the centre, succulent and juicy. Reminds you of Sunday lunch at your grandmother’s.


Airedale cheese and Black pepper: Creamy, slightly buttery mature farm-style cheese with freshly ground black pepper

Aussie Prawn on the Barbie: Fresh prawns from the West coast of Australia, marinated in a delicate blend of olive oil, parsley and thyme, freshly squeezed lemon juice, garlic, finely chopped onions. Grilled to perfection over open coals.

(Our seasoning partners used the inspirations above to develop the flavour concepts for the campaign and are not an exact representation of product ingredients during product development.)



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