Kicking secrets from Morne Steyn and Vlok Cilliers

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Morne Steyn

Morne Steyn

Morne Steyn has become both Springbok and Blue Bulls hero – the man to be trusted by all at the vital flyhalf position. Rugby15 has decided to approach his kicking coach, Vlok Cilliers to gain some insights on why Morne has become such a South African rugby idol and trusted kicker!!

When did you first start to be a full time kicking coach?

2004 – When Heyneke Meyer appointed me at the Bulls.

At what age is it best to start working with a kicking coach

I would say the sooner the better, right age at about 12 years.

What should a young player know should he wish to improve his kicking?

To get a solid technique, word very hard, believe in yourself and to handle pressure with every game/kick

Are there any clinics? And if yes, where can one find more information?

I do a lot of clinics throughout the season, big ones and smaller ones and people can contact me at

What are the qualities you are looking for in a good talented kicker?

A very good temperament, high work rate, solid technique, and the ability to cope with pressure situations.

When did you start working with Morne Steyn?

I start work with him in 2004, and remember, he couldn’t kick at all. If you are willing to work hard – you may become a good kicker.

• Describe for us a typical week of kicking practice for an athlete such as Morne Steyn?

Mondays – he will have a very light and short session, just a flash out ,a few kicks in the middle
Tuesday – 20min’s warm up follow by a few drills just to work on his timing and rhythm
Wednesday -we will work on all the corners and remember, we finish every session with drops and line kicks
Thursday – again a few warm up drills, followed by different drills to reach certain objectives
Friday – very light session.

Can you share some insight on for instance; how much time a day is spent on kicking? The amount of time devoted to line kicks, goal kicks, drop kicks, up & unders, kick offs?

2 to 3 hours per day including video sessions as well

On the day of the match, do you have a specific schedule of kicks the kicker needs to do before the match?

Yes, they have a certain pre- match kicking warm up routine which they will follow with every game.

  • Where can people contact you?

People can contact me on

Pre-match routine under the eye of Vlok Cilliers

Pre-match routine under the eye of Vlok Cilliers

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