Know more about the hospitality suites at Vodacom Park

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Vodacom Park Stadium

Vodacom Park Stadium

On this Blog we not only share information about the team and the performance of players, but also strive to provide more information about the facilities within the stadium. We have decided to share some insight on the hospitality suites within the stadium.

Many of us do not often enjoy the view from hospitality suites, but have on occasion been invited to join friends or business partners in these hospitality suites or “losies”. We have approached Ronel Pienaar from the Rugby Union and raised the following questions:

  • How many hospitality suites are there?

Vodacom Park hosts a total of 100 viewing hospitality suites

  • What is the seating capacity in these suites? Do they differ in size?

All suite packages are sold with an amount of 24 tickets.  Most of the suites have 18 seats outside and enough room inside for 6 bar chairs in front of the window, facing towards the field.  There are a couple of suites with 24 seats outside and still has room for the 6 bar chair seats in front of the window.

All suite holders have the option of purchasing 6 additional suite tickets per match.

  • What is the cost for a company to acquire a hospitality suite?

Suite rental vary between R70 200.00 and R102 600.00 (excluding VAT) depending on where the suite is situated in the stadium.

Category A Suite (Suites on middle of main stand):

R102 600 + VAT (includes the use of suite for local soccer matches, no tickets)

R91 800 + VAT (excludes the use of the suite for local soccer matches)

Category B Suite (Suites behind poles and on open stand):

R86 400 + VAT  (includes the use of suite for local soccer matches, no tickets)

R75 600 + VAT  (excludes the use of the suite for local soccer matches)

Category C Suite (Suites on ends of main stand on corners and ends of open stand):

R81 000 + VAT  (includes the use of suite for local soccer matches, no tickets)

R70 200 + VAT  (excludes the use of the suite for local soccer matches)

  • Which games are part of the package for hospitality suites?

Please note that the 2010 FIFA World Cup does not form part of this package.

A Suite package includes 24 tickets for the Vodacom Cup, Vodacom Super 14 and Absa Currie Cup matches played in Vodacom Park.  In 2010 suite tickets for the Vodacom Tri Nations played in September in Vodacom Park are also included in the package.

  • Are all these suites sold out or are there still available?

At this stage there are still 2 or 3 suites available.

  • Does a suite holder have to renew yearly or can he enter into a longer term commitment?

Suite holders have  the option of renting a suite for a period of one year or three years.  A one year contract will escalate with 8% and suite holders holds the first right of renewal.  A three year contract will only escalate with 5%.

  • Are there any competitions for the most beautiful suite etc?

We have never done this, but it is actually a good idea.  Our suite holders take pride in their suites and always take very good care of the suites.  During the hand-over of the suites to FIFA for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, delegates from FIFA and the LOC gave praise to the condition of the suites in Vodacom Park in comparison to those in the other mayor stadiums.

  • Is there guidance or prescribed guidelines with regards to signage outside the hospitality suites?

Vodacom Park is one of the last stadiums in South Africa which still includes advertising space in front of the suite, done as an added value.  Prescribed guidelines do exist, especially with Vodacom Park being a hosting stadium for 2010 FIFA World Cup, where a clean stadium has to be handed over to FIFA.  All stadium signage has to be removed for that specific period of time, and in order to make the process a bit easier and to keep the signage in good condition, certain prescribed brackets and clips are given as guideline for stadium signage.

  • Are there specific television channels that the tv’s within the hospitality suites can turn into?

All suites in Vodacom Park are on a central TV network.  Suite holders have the option of tuning to two or three different SuperSport channels.  The TV network is managed for one central point in the stadium.

  • Do the suite holders arrange for their own food and beverages or does the Union have preferred suppliers?

Suite holders are responsible for their own catering.  FRU offers an optional liquor delivery service as well as a free cleaning service.

  • Any specific advantages you would like to create awareness of?

For the first time, suite tickets for the Tri Nations match, played in September in Vodacom Park, are included in the suite packages.  This makes the packages a real bargain.  Suite holders also have the convenience of two parking tickets per suite.

We still have a suite available for rental in 2010 for those who are interested.

For any further information, you can contact Ronel Pienaar at 051 407 1702 or

[Info also appeared on the Vodacom Cheetahs Blog]

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