Limpopo Blue Bulls takes honours at Coca-Cola U13 Craven Week

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The Limpopo Blue Bulls secured a closely fought 8-6 victory over Western Province in the final match of the Coca-Cola Under-13 Craven Week played at Affies in Pretoria on Friday.

Utility back Schalk Erasmus kicked a last minute 40-metre penalty to steer the Limpopo Blue Bulls to their third victory of the tournament after they secured wins over the Blue Bulls (19-17), Free State (27-7) and the South Western Districts (28-0) earlier this week.

The Limpopo Blue Bulls scored the only try of the match which was scored in the second half when lock Albertus van Deventer crashed his way over the try line and hand his team the lead after Western Province’s Michael Visser opened the scoring with a penalty kick in the first half.

WP U13 flyhalf Manuel Rass then handed the Cape team the lead with four minutes remaining in the game with his first penalty of the match. However Erasmus had the final say after slotting his long range kick to hand the Limpopo Blue Bulls their fourth victory at the 2011 Coca-Cola Under-13 Craven Week.

The Western Province Under-18 Academy Week team also claimed the top honours at the Under-18 Academy Week by ending the tournament undefeated following their 25-12 victory over the Golden Lions at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Thursday.

The Cape Under-18 team rounded off the week with a win over the Golden Lions with two other victories which were earned against Eastern Province (28-25) and a convincing 38-0 performance against the Blue Bulls. The Golden Lions also enjoyed success at the Under-18 Academy Week and notched up two wins against the South Western Districts (34-24) and the Griffons (45-20).

“I am pleased to confirm that we are extremely happy with the start of the annual Coca-Cola Youth Weeks,” said Lindsay Mould, Chairperson of the South African Rugby Schools Association.

“The rugby at both tournaments – the Coca-Cola Under-13 Craven Week and the Under-18 Academy Week – has been both entertaining as well as pleasing to watch. There’s also been some good attendances at both Affies and at the University of Johannesburg venues, so there’s great interest at the moment.

“I can also mention that I am extremely happy with the standard of refereeing at both weeks. If you look at some of the scorers, you’ll see they’ve allowed the players to play some exciting rugby within the boundaries of the laws.”

The SA Academy team, traditionally selected at the conclusion of the Unbder-18 Academy Week, will be announced in Kimberley at the conclusion of the Coca-Cola Under-18 Craven Week which kicks off on Monday 11 July. This announcement will coincide with the announcement of the SA Schools team which will also be announced after the final match.

“There are some exciting plans underway at the South African Rugby Union in terms of arranging an international match for the SA Schools team, as well as the SA Academy team, more information of this will be provided at the Coca-Cola Under-18 Craven Week,” said SARU Manager Playing the Game Mervin Green.

“We’ve met with representatives of the South African Schools Rugby Association here in Pretoria to share with them our plans, and there’s general optimism from all sides in terms of our plans for both the SA Schools and SA Academy teams which are going to be selected at the conclusion of the Coca-Cola Under-18 Craven Week.”

Coca-Cola Under-13 Craven Week (final match) Scorers:

Scorers: Western Province U13 – Penalties: Manuel Rass, Michael Visser; Limpopo Blue Bulls – Try: Albertus van Deventer; Penalty: Schalk Erasmus.

Coca-Cola Craven Week and Academy Week Results:

Coca Cola Under-13 Craven Week Results:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boland Cavaliers 35, Griffons 5

Griquas 19, Namibia 0

Kwazulu Natal 10, Border 17

Valke 18, South Western Districts 0

Platinum Leopards 15, Border CD 0

Zimbabwe 10, Free State 41

Blue Bulls 5, Pumas 18

Golden Lions 18, Eastern Province 7

Western Province 6, Limpopo Blue Bulls 8

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Platinum Leopards 17, Boland Cavaliers 13

Pumas 13, Kwazulu Natal 10

Eastern Province 10, Border CD 6

Blue Bulls 17, Limpopo Blue Bulls19

Western Province 13, Golden Lions 5

Border 21, Valke 14

Free State 5, Griquas 0

Griffons 22, South Western Districts 0

Zimbabwe 39, Namibia 5

Tuesday, July 28, 2011

South Western Districts 17, Namibia 0

Griffon 10, Griquas 8

Boland Cavaliers 12, Border CD 17

Valke 15, Zimbabwe 7

Free State 7, Limpopo Blue Bulls 27

Blue Bulls 3, Golden Lions 8

Platinum Leopards 10, Pumas 11

Western Province 32, Border 14

Eastern Province 11, Kwazulu Natal 5

Monday, July 27, 2011

Griquas 10, Zimbabwe 17

Valke 9, Border CD 12

Limpopo Blue Bulls 28, South Western Districts 0

Border 17, Pumas 12

Free State 27, Namibia 0

Eastern Province 12, Griffons 5

Golden Lions 8, Kwazulu Natal 10

Western Province 18, Platinum Leopards 6

Blue Bulls 17, Boland Cavaliers 7

Under-18 Academy Week:

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Namibia 27, Griquas CD 23

South Western Districts 21, Kwazulu Natal 23

Limpopo Blue Bulls15, Lions XV 17

LSEN 30, Griffons CD 35

Griffons 13, Kwazulu Natal CD 31

Pumas CD 10, Griquas 25

Eastern Province CD 26, Platinum Leopards CD 19

Boland Cavaliers 24, Free State 10

Border CD 3, Blue Valke 60

Border 8, Platinum Leopards 23

Western Province 25, Golden Lions 12

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Griffons CD 31, Blue Valke 25

Namibia 12, Lions XV 51

LSEN 80, Border CD 3

Silver Valke 36, Platinum Leopards 29

Limpopo Blue Bulls 15, Griquas 11

Eastern Province CD 42, Griquas CD 27

Griffons 19, Pumas CD 14

Boland Cavaliers 27, KwaZulu Natal CD 13

Free State 19, KwaZulu Natal 13

Platinum Leopards CD 10, Pumas 7

Blue Bulls 35, Border 0

Lions 34, South Western Districts 24

Western Province 28, Eastern Province 25

Monday, June 27, 2011

Platinum Leopards 19, KwaZulu Natal CD 25

Eastern Province CD 12, Limpopo Blue Bulls 40

Pumas CD 22, Silver Valke 14

Eastern Province 108, Blue Valke 9

Namibia 21, LSEN 9

KwaZulu Natal 27, Pumas 24

Griquas 36, Border CD 3

South Western Districts 25, Free State 25

Griffons CD 17, Lions XV 27

Boland Cavaliers 8, Border 13

Platinum Leopards CD 10, Griquas CD 23

Western Province 38, Blue Bulls 0

Golden Lions 45, Griffons 20

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