MEDIA RELEASE: Bulls Babes: Dispute with Blue Bulls

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Bulls Babe picture-by-Pierre-Lambrechts

Bulls Babe picture-by-Pierre-Lambrechts

25 February 2010
MEDIA RELEASE: “Bulls Babes: Dispute with Blue Bulls Company (Pty)
Limited :

1. Jumpsport CC, trading as World of Sport and Entertainment (“WOSE”),
is presently involved in a dispute with the Blue Bulls Company (Pty)
Limited (“BBC”) regarding WOSE’s proprietary rights in respect of the
“Bulls Babes” trade mark and brand.

2. The Bulls Babes is the brainchild and property of WOSE and has at all
times been under its control and management.

3. WOSE established the Bulls Babes name, selected the performers
acting as Bulls Babes, trained these performers, compiled the
choreography of their dances, compiled the music used for their
performances, designed their costumes, effected quality control and
generally did everything necessary to build up the brand to where it is
today, the foremost cheerleader performers in South Africa.

4. In performing as Bulls Babes, WOSE not only contracts with BBC, but
also with various other entities. This the BBC also publicly concedes,
as the BBC states:
‘While the Vodacom Bulls Babes sets the bench mark for rugby
stadium entertainment, appearances by the Babes at company
functions and other events are just as popular. The Vodacom
Bulls Babes have performed with well-known artists such as
Dozi, Nicolas Louw, Karen Zoid and Robbie Wessels’.

5. In the course of the management and control of the Bulls Babes by
WOSE, WOSE furthermore carries their expenses and is not
remunerated by the BBC to do so.

6. The BBC has recently issued a media statement, stating that until
further notice from the BBC, there will be no public performances by
the Bulls Babes. Such statement is devoid of truth and calls for this
media release by WOSE, the owners of the Bulls Babes brand.

7. Supporters of the Bulls Babes and the public in general can rest
assured that the Bulls Babes will continue with their public
appearances at venues other than Loftus Versfeld. Their public
appearances at Loftus Vesrfeld will commence, once the dispute
between WOSE and BBC has been resolved. In this regard WOSE is
taking legal advice on the matter, and will take the requisite action to
safeguard its rights.

8. The dispute between WOSE and the BBC arose as the BBC attempted
to enforce an agreement on WOSE, which would have negated its
proprietary rights in respect of the Bulls Babes. When WOSE refused
to agree thereto and insisted on its rights in respect of the Bulls Babes
brand and the trademark being honoured, it was informed by the BBC
that the Bulls Babes will not perform at Loftus Versfeld. WOSE
regards this standpoint by the BBC as without just cause and contrary
to the interests of the Bulls Babes and their many supporters. It shall
accordingly take the necessary action to both protect its proprietary
rights in respect of the Bulls Babes and ensure that their thousands of
supporters will not be disappointed. It emphasises that it shall also
continue with public performances of the Bulls Babes”.

Yours faithfully

Danie Haasbroek
Bulls Babes
(World of Sport & Entertainment)

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