Mutual & Federal Premier Inter-schools Paarl Gimnasium vs Paarl Boys’ High on 3 Aug 2013

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Next Mutual & Federal Premier Inter-schools Rugby Match:

Paarl Gimnasium vs Paarl Boys’ High – Extreme Schools Rivalry

Paarl Boys’ High will play Paarl Gimnasium at Faure Street Stadium Paarl on Saturday 03August 2013 at 16h00, in the next Mutual & Federal Premier Inter-schools.

The game will be broadcasted on SuperSport 8 at 19h00.

Mutual & Federal Premier Inter-schools is a series of 12 matches, which feature the highest profile and most traditional inter-school rugby rivalries, from South Africa’s top rugby schools, broadcast live on SuperSport from April to August.

Schoolboy rugby has served as one of the cornerstones of domestic rugby dating back more than a century, and true to its slogan “Honouring Heritage. Playing for the Future”,Mutual & Federal Premier Inter-schools is about History, Heritage and Tradition. The series, now in its second year, is expected to grow even stronger.

The Mutual & Federal Premier Inter-schools stories are further captured in 12 magazine shows which preview all the games and provide historical overviews of these traditional schools and highlight other academic, cultural and sporting achievements.

Herewith, the Magazine Show times as per Supersport schedule online:


Series Season Working Sch Date St time En time channel Live info
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 Episode 10 31-Jul-13 17:45 18:00 SS1/SS1A Premier
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 Episode 10 1-Aug-13 6:15 6:30 SS1/SS1A Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 Episode 10 1-Aug-13 18:15 18:30 SS1/SS1A Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 Episode 10 2-Aug-13 12:05 12:20 SS1/SS1A Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 Episode 10 2-Aug-13 12:05 12:20 CSN Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 Episode 10 3-Aug-13 2:55 3:10 SS8 Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 Episode 10A 3-Aug-13 19:00 19:05 SS8 Premier
Mutual & Federal Pemier Interschools 2013 PaarlGim vs Paarl Boys High 3-Aug-13 19:05 20:40 SS8 Delayed
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 – HD Episode 10 31-Jul-13 17:45 18:00 SHD Premier
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 – HD Episode 10 1-Aug-13 6:15 6:30 SHD Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 – HD Episode 10 1-Aug-13 16:30 16:45 SHD4 Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 – HD Episode 10 1-Aug-13 18:15 18:30 SHD Repeat
Mutual & Federal Premier Interschools 2013 – HD Episode 10 2-Aug-13 12:05 12:20 SHD Repeat


interschools2013PaarlGimvs Paarl Boys High3-Aug-1319:0520:40SS8DelayedMutual & Federal Premier Interschools2013 – HDEpisode 1031-Jul-1317:4518:00SHDPremierMutual & Federal Premier Interschools2013 – HDEpisode 101-Aug-136:156:30SHDRepeatMutual & Federal Premier Interschools2013 – HDEpisode 101-Aug-1316:3016:45SHD4RepeatMutual & Federal Premier Interschools2013 – HDEpisode 101-Aug-1318:1518:30SHDRepeatMutual & Federal Premier Interschools2013 – HDEpisode 102-Aug-1312:0512:20SHDRepeat


Paarl Gimnasium Team:

1 Gavin van den Berg 17 111 1,85
2 Wilner Conradie 17 88 1,83
3 DJ van Niekerk 18 95 1,73
4 Johan Momsen 17 94 1,93
5 Jaco Willemse 17 110 1,97
6 Gareth Cilliers 18 93 1,83
7 Jacques Vermeulen 18 104 1,96
8 Rikus Bothma (Kaptein) 17 97 1,87
9 Brendon Nell 18 80 1,75
10 Wyatt Murphy 18 84 1,79
11 Dylon Fairbridge 18 75 1,74
12 Wayno Visagie 17 88 1,82
13 JD Du Toit 17 80 1,82
14 Ruan Stander 17 93 1,89
15 Grant Hermanus 17 78 1,77

Coaches:    Christoff Lötter, Hendrik Weber


Paarl Boys’ High School Team:

1.       Thomas Du Toit (CP)

2.       Ruan Brits

3.       Francois v/d Merwe

4.       Matthew le Roux

5.       Hein Kritzinger

6.       Charlton Jonas

7.       JJ v/d Spuy

8.       Charl-Francois du Toit

9.       9 Paul de Wet

10.   Stefan Gouws

11.   Dewald Naude

12.   Luan Boshoff

13.   Curtley Grain

14.   Keanan van Wyk

15.   Dante v/d Merwe

Coaches: Elmo Wolfaardt & Gerrie Visser


Notes and background – Historic overview of the upcoming teams

Paarl Gimnasiumvs Paarl Boys’ High

The big Paarl derby again commences this week culminating in the showdown of the two rugby first teams at 16h00 at the Faure Street Stadium on Saturday 3 August. In-between there will be functions and re-union get togethers and old friends and foe’s reminiscing about the days gone by. The first salvo’s on the rugby field are fired on the Wednesday evening as the two Old Boy teams lock horns in what can only be described as a friendly but fierce game.


Thursday afternoon sees the “Goffels” and “Hommels” (G and H teams) playing their own unique brand of rugby before Friday morning when it kicks into the business end of the weekend. This is the time when the two schools have their Big Brags in the school hall. Here the Rugby and Hockey warriors that will represent their respective teams on the Saturday are introduced and the first teams get capped for Interschools.

There are only four rugby matches played on the Saturday at Faure street. The games start at 12:00 with the u/15A match, followed by u/16A, the Seccies and then the main match of the Firsts. On the Friday afternoon the rest of the teams will battle it out on the fields of the host who this year is Paarl Gymnasium. The two main attractions on the Friday afternoon is the u/14A match and the “main” match of the Third teams or the “Chiefs” and “Chippies” as they are known among the locals.

This is all but an appetizer for the Big One!…Arguably the biggest schoolboy match in the world! Paarl Gimnasiumvs Paarl Boys’ High!. Old Boys and supporters come from afar to witness yet again one of the toughest rugby matches a schoolboy can hope to be involved in. History shows that it is always a close game between these two rivals with the average winning margin since 1915 being only five points!



The first matches started in 1915 when masters, schoolboys and Old boys all played together. This was the format up to 1927 after which was decided that the Interschools matches should only comprise of schoolboys and the current format as we know today started officially in 1929.


The 2013 edition will thus be the 96th match and the 83rdInterschools game to be played between the schools. Ten of these matches were drawn with the last one being in 2010 and three of them being 0-0 draws! Very tough and hard rugby indeed.




The 2013 version will not be any different it seems. Although Paarl Gimnasium is seen to be the clear favourites due to the great season they are having compared to Paarl Boys’ High, this is Interschools and the playing fields are even! Paarl Gimnasium started the season like a house on fire and first caught the eye at the Kearnsey festival where they demolished the pride of KZN schools on a canter. They seem to have no weaknesses anywhere in the team and are especially rich in the loose forward department. Here SA Schools Captain and 8th man RikusBothma and fellow SA Schools teammate, No 7 Jacques Vermeulen have been terrorising opposing teams since the 2012 season and forms a formidable trio with hardworking Gareth Cilliers. Paarl Gimnasium will miss the services of man giant JD Schickerling, their SA Schools lock, who is injured and will miss out on this match. Live wire scrumhalf Brendon Nell is key to giving the backs good quick ball where out on the wing SA Schools player Grant Hermanus will appreciate some space if given any. Hermanus is also a deadly accurate goal kicker.


Paarl Boys’ High is not having the greatest of seasons according to their own high standards, having already lost four games and not reaching the same heights of 2012 so far. Losses to Waterkloof, Outeniqua, Glenwood and Grey College have seen them change captain’s midway through the season. After the Glenwood loss, there was a radical change in personnel and new captain Thomas Du Toit took over the leadership role. This culminated in what looked like better cohesion within the team and they racked up some very good wins. They showed great character in coming back from 20 points down against Grey Bloemto within a whisker of winning the game in Bloemfontein. Du Toit leading from the front with hooker Daniel du Plessis being the talisman that ignited the comeback. Both Du Toit and Du Plessis represented WP at Cravenweek and both got picked for SA Schools team. Sadly though, Du Plessis injured his ankle in the final game at Cravenweek and won’t be able to participate in Saturday’s Interschools match.

The Paarl Boys’ High team though, is a very balanced one with a good pack of forwards and a very speedy backline. They might not have the individual brilliance of some of the Paarl Gimnasium players, but as a whole this team knows how to fight and how to grind out a win from difficult positions. In Fullback, Dante van der Merwe they have a mercurial runner who can instantly change defence to attack and Paarl Gimnasiumwill be very aware of his running ability from the back.


Results through the Years


1915: Paarl Boys’ High won 10-0
1916: Paarl Gimnasium won 7-5
1917: Paarl Gimnasium won 3-0
1918: Paarl Gimnasium won 3-0
1919: Paarl Gimnasium won 9-0
1920: Paarl Gimnasium won 20-0
1921: Draw 6-6
1922: Draw 3-3
1923: Paarl Boys’ High won 3-0
1924: Paarl Boys’ High won 13-5
1925: Paarl Boys’ High won 7-3
1926: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-5
1927: Paarl Gimnasium won 5-3
1928: No match
1929: Draw 3-3
1930: Paarl Boys’ High won 5-3
1931: Paarl Gimnasium won 6-0
1932: Paarl Gimnasium won 7-3
1933: Paarl Boys’ High won 3-0
1934: Paarl Boys’ High won 5-4
1935: Draw 0-0
1936: Paarl Gimnasium won 11-6
1937: Paarl Gimnasium won 5-3
1938: Paarl Gimnasium won 5-3
1939: Paarl Gimnasium won 9-8
1940: Draw 3-3
1941: Paarl Gymnasium won 6-0
1942: Draw 0-0
1943: Paarl Gimnasium won 9-6
1944: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-0
1945: Paarl Boys’ High won 14-6
1946: Draw 3-3
1947: Paarl Boys’ High won 8-3
1948: Draw 3-3
1949: Paarl Gimnasiumwon 9-3
1950: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-3
1951: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-0
1952: Paarl Boys’ High won 11-0
1953: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-5
1956: Paarl Gimnasiumwon 6-3
1957: Paarl Gimnasium won 5-3
1958: Paarl Gimnasium won 11-0
1959: Paarl Boys’ High won 11-3
1960: Paarl Gimnasium won 9-3
1961: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-0
1962: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-0
1963: Paarl Boys’ High won 8-0
1964: Paarl Gimnasium won 9-8
1965: Paarl Gimnasium won 11-0
1966: Paarl Gimnasium won 8-0
1967: Paarl Gimnasium won 8-6
1968: Paarl Gimnasium won 3-0
1969: Paarl Boys’ High won 8-5
1970: Paarl Gimnasiumwon 19-8
1971: Paarl Boys’ High won 11-6
1972: Paarl Boys’ High won 6-3
1973: Paarl Boys’ High won 19-6
1974: Paarl Gimnasiumwon 9-3
1975: Paarl Boys’ High won 3-0
1976: Paarl Gimnasium won 8-6
1977: Paarl Boys’ High won 15-6
1978: Paarl Gimnasium won 13-10
1979: Paarl Gimnasium won 12-6
1980: Paarl Gimnasium won 9-3
1981: Paarl Gimnasium won 12-0
1982: Paarl Boys’ High won 16-15
1983: Paarl Gimnasium won 15-6
1984  Paarl Gimnasium won 10-4
1985: Paarl Boys’ High won 16-6
1986: Draw 0-0
1987: Paarl Boys’ High won 15-7
1988: Draw 6-6
1989: Paarl Gimnasium won 15-4
1990: Paarl Boys’ High won 10-6
1991: Paarl Boys’ High won 8-4
1992: Paarl Gimnasiumwon 20-15
1993: Paarl Boys’ High won 19-17
1994: Paarl Boys’ High won 11-6
1995: Paarl Boys’ High won 17-3
1996: Paarl Gimnasium won 18-16
1997: Paarl Gimnasium won 13-10
1998: Paarl Boys’ High won 16-5
1999: Paarl Gimnasium won 13-6
2000: Paarl Boys’ High won 15-7
2001: Paarl Gimnasium won 13-6
2002: Paarl Gimnasiumwon 15-0
2003: Paarl Boys’ High won 25-6
2004: Paarl Gimnasium won 13-3
2005: Paarl Gimnasium won 22-10
2006: Paarl Gimnasium won 23-17
2007: Paarl Gimnasium won 10-0
2008: Paarl Gimnasium won 35-8
2009: Paarl Boys’ High won 24-12
2010: Draw 19-19
2011: Paarl Gimnasium won 22-19
2012: Paarl Gimnasium won 16-9



Come Saturday 3rd August a 98 year old tradition will again be repeated and the winners will have the bragging rights in Paarl for another year.

Paarl Gimnasium Profile


Paarl Gimnasium is a school in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. Rev. van Lingen founded the school in the centre of town in 1858. The primary school section of Paarl Gimnasium was founded in 1858 as a Dutch Christian school for boys’, with the High School being founded much later. In the mid 30’s the school’s language of education shifted to Afrikaans. After the high school section was completed the school allowed the first female student to enroll in 1964.


Rugby at Paarl Gimnasium

Paarl Gimnasium is without doubt one of the Big Five of rugbyschools in South Africa. They have to dateproduced 28 Springboks of which 18 have been capped in tests for South Africa. The current incumbent Springbok captain Jean De Villiers is an old Gimmie.


Paarl Gimnasium’s 18 Test Springboks



Steve Joubert 1906
Pierie de Villiers 1928
JC van der Westhuizen 1928
Jan Pickard 1953
Hugo van Zyl 1958
Wynand Mans 1965
Schalk BurgerSnr 1984
Kobus Burger 1989
Kobus Wiese 1993
Balie Swart 1993
MornayVisser 1995
Pieter Rossouw 1997
De Wet Barry 2000
Louis Koen 2000
Marius Joubert 2001
Jean de Villiers 2002
Schalk Burger 2003
Ashley Johnson 2011

They have also produced 144 Cravenweek players and 33 SA Schools players. The 2013 crop produced the following players for WP Craven and Academy sides.

Cravenweek Team:

Grant Hermanus (Wing)

Ryan Oosthuizen (Centre -Injured)

RikusBothma (8th Man)

Jacques Vermeulen (Flank)

JD Schickerling (Lock – Injured)

Johan Momsen (Lock)

Gavin vd Berg (Prop)

Academy Team

Wyno Visagie (Centre)

Brendan Nell (Scrumhalf)

Rikus Bothma was aslo selected as Captain for the 2013 SA Schools team together with teammates Jacques Vermeulen, JD Schickerling and Grant Hermanus.


Paarl Boys’ High profile


Paarl Boys’ High is one of the oldest schools in South Africa. Built in 1868, the school’s rich history is filled with tradition and pride. The first building to house the school was a granary on Zeederbergplein, the owner of which was Mr. D. Beyers (a close friend to the first headmaster, Rev. Jeffreys). The first years of the school were unstable ones, with the school increasing in size every year, larger facilities were required frequently. The grounds on which the school stands today were originally formed part of the farm Berlyn owned by Mr. P.J Malherbe.

Paarl Boys’ High has featured in the academic merit list of the Western Cape for ten years running and has been featuring in the top ten for the duration as well, making it one of the top academic schools in the province. The school is bilingual, with classes in English and Afrikaans and has maintained a 100% pass rate for over a decade.


‘Neath the far famed rock of granite grey……

Paarl Boys’ High can be seen primarily, as a boarding institution. The erection of the first hostel, Monte Bello, in 1901 can be seen as the one of the greatest turning points in the history of the school. This event inaugurated the change from a small school in a small farming community to a school to be esteemed nationally. In 2012 the four hostels, Bellevue, Imhoff, Monte Bello and Werda, housed over 400 learners from all parts of South Africa and from abroad.

Good conduct, good scholarship and good sportsmanship reflect the school’s proud tradition which spans over 143 years. Throughout Southern Africa, Paarl Boys’ High has always been regarded as a school with an unblemished record when it comes to producing men as well as leaders who have excelled in all walks of life. As a centre of excellence it is the school’s mission to create an environment in which every boy can reach his full potential in the academic, cultural and sporting field.


Rugby at Paarl Boys’ High

Rugby is an integral part of the Paarl Boys’ High’s way of life. It helps in educating the boys and growing the gentlemen Paarl Boys’ High is known to raise. It is important to win, but that should not be the primary objective. A sportsman may never be abused to ensure the success of a team. The primary objective at the school must be one of enjoyment, for both player and coach. Whereas they agree with the legendary Vince Lombardi when he said: ‘’Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing’’ they hold winning to be more than just points on the board. Winning relates to the values, commitment and the pursuit of the best of one’s abilities.

Paarl Boys’ Highhas produced 19 players that have represented South Africa since 1906. They have provided some of the legends and most famous Springbok rugby players ever to have played in the Green and Gold. Players like Oom “Boy” and Fanie Louw, Piet “Spiere” du Toit, Mannetjies Roux, Ryk van Schoor, Carel Du Plessis and CornéKrige.

Paarl Boys’ High SA Players.

Debut Year


1906 Boy de Villiers
1910 Cocky Hahn
1912 Louis Louw
1921 Theuns Kruger
1924 Champion Myburgh
1928 Boy Louw
1931 ManieGeere
1931 Fanie Louw
1937 Johnny Bester
1937 Ben du Toit
1949 Ryk van Schoor
1955 Theuns Briers
1956 Piet du Toit
1960 Mannetjies Roux
1963 Haas Schoeman
1981 Carel du Plessis
1997 WiumBasson
1999 CornéKrige
2004 Gurthro Steenkamp

The 1961 Springbok team against Australia featured three Paarl Boys’ High old boys. Piet Du Toit and Mannetjie Roux as players and Oom Boy Louw as the coach! (Picture Below)


Legendary “Oom” Boy Louw and Carel du Plessis also coached the Springboks. CornéKrige is still the only SA Schools captain who went on to captain the Springboks as well. Ryk van Schoor’s son,Theuns is currently a teacher at Paarl Boys’ High and coaches the u/16’s.

Paarl Boys’ High had a good crop of boys representing WP teams this year with eight boys initially picked for Cravenweek and six for Academy Week.

WP Cravenweek

DewaldNaude (Wing)

Charlton Jonas (Flank)

Burger van Niekerk (Lock)

Francois van der Merwe (Prop)

Daniel Du Plessis (Hooker)

Thomas du Toit (Prop)

Ruan Brits (Hooker)

Damien Stevens (Scrumhalf)

Academy Week

Dante van der Merwe (Fullback)

Daylen Daniels (Wing)

FerlinVers (Wing)

Charl-Francois du Toit (8th man)

Matthew Le Roux (Lock)

Derick Marais (Prop)

Dante van der Merwe was appointed captain of the Academy week team and was also called up to the Cravenweek squad after an injury and played from the bench in WP games against the Bulls and in the final against the Lions. Thus in the end there were nine Paarl Boys’ High players representing WP in the victorious team that went unbeaten at the Cravenweek and won the unofficial final. A feather in the cap for them indeed!

Thomas du Toit and Daniel du Plessis both got picked for the 2013 SA Schools team.



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