Pumas medical report and game stats

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According to dr. Kobus Hugo, team doctor of the Steval Pumas only two players sustained light injuries.

Stefan Watermeyer – wrist injury (waiting for x-ray report)
Rosko Specman – shoulder injufry (one day off from any contact training)

Some interesting facts of this weekend’s game:
Pumas 55%​Sharks 45%
Pumas 58%​Sharks 43%
Pumas 42%​Sharks 57%
Tackles made
Pumas 50​Sharks 84
Tackles missed
Pumas 17​Sharks 17
Pumas 99​Sharks 66
Scrums – 10
Pumas won 8, lost 2​Sharks won 9, lost 1
Pumas won 7, lost 3​Sharks won 6, lost 4

Photo: Hennie Homann

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