Q&A with Gcobani Bobo at Investec International Rugby Academy

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Are you enjoying your retirement or do you miss playing professional rugby? What does a typical day in the life of Gcobani Bobo entail these days?

I’m enjoying time spent with family and friends and getting involved setting life around my passion helping the next generation of talent . Guess learning more about myself and capabilities. I’m currently an assistant coach at Randburg Hoerskool which is fun . I’m an Ambassador for Debentures group we help with fundraising for kids from previously disadvantaged schools to traditional schools via bursary hosting corporate hospitalities at Big Sporting events entails public relations, mentorship and events management . And with that Rugby Analyst loads of research and staying on the pulse of what’s influencing our beautiful game .
Kaizer Chiefs 7s getting that growing so I keep busy.

Do you participate in rugby games (socially or competitively) post retirement?

 I play a very competitive social touch game at Wanderers monday , wednesday and saturday work permitting enjoy every second to throw the oval ball around.

You have been confirmed as the backs coach for the Investec International Rugby Academy course scheduled to take place in Durban from 23 to 29 June. How did this invite come about and how did you react when approached?

I’ve a good relationship with the Academy have helped as a position specific coach in some of the courses and I got my RFU level 2 in the UK. I had enrolled for the High Performance Coaching course at the IIRA in 2011 after
my retirement which has been a loads of help. I was honoured to be of any help to the Academy as its heart warming seeing lads from the course achieve later on in their careers to have been part of their process is humbling.

What topic/s will you be tackling at the Investec International Rugby Academy?

Its a holistic approach looking at the mental , physical and skills development . A chance to fast track players to a level of excellence and rugby foundations.

Will you be dividing this into equal segments of practical and theoretical work or do you have your own, unique brand/style that you intend to introduce to the elite players?

There is great structures at the academy where systems before have served us well . I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel more bring my personality and my own interpretations of the skillset need to achieve in a competitive
environment of professional and budding rugby careers will lean heavily on the experience , intellectual property around the Academy.

Have you ever attended an Investec International Rugby Academy course before and if so, tell us about your personal experiences and gains?

I’ve fortunately have been in High Performance Coaching Course . The vast knowledge and the depth of insight was invaluable structuring season ,pre-season, goal setting individual to team .The fresh approach of the constantly ever changing game have legendary presentations and practical sessions of a well run program.

As a former player, would you say that courses such as these are crucial/instrumental in a coach’s or player’s progression and development?

I so envy the young talent having all this knowledge and insight . You get the” know how” which has taken a lifetime to acquire in a well structured nutshell . Things explained with clarity and practically demonstrated . The
lessons you get from leaders of their industry who have gone through trials and tribulations for you to a get a Quality Package and with world’s wealth of knowledge. Its been an eye opening seeing the passion the people who
contribute to this the skills sharing and debates about the trends of the game can only be beneficial to experience this at the budding stage of a coach or player.

How much has the game evolved/changed since you first started playing?

It seems like decades from one pre season to the next . Technology , training regimes ,player size, equipment , skill set responsibilities and analytic influence. Its exciting though to see rugby is reverting back to skills and fast
quick up tempo game where it’s becoming apparent everyone has to be a come a decision maker and a ball player rugby truest form . 14 players working hard to get the 1 player to score and forever the glory stay with the team.

Is your involvement at the Investec International Rugby Academy an indication that you intend to pursue a coaching career?

Once was told not to ever leave a door closed to always use your resources . So opportunities like these don’t come often when they do it can only benefit you and the ones you get to work with growth comes in all spheres in life and I’m open to explore those opportunities.

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