Q&A with Jacques Botes at Investec International Rugby Academy

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  • Do you think the international break will be a positive or negative for the Sharks (as in will it be beneficial in terms of resting, recuperating or will it break momentum)?

As all the teams were hoping that it will be positive for us, we have a couple of guys returning from injury and the Players would love to make it a great send off for Plum.

  • The 2013 season hasn’t gone according to plan for the Sharks, who were last season’s runners-up in terms of results and expectation…what hasn’t worked for the team this year?

At his level not much has to go wrong for you to have a tough season! We’ll admit that were not playing the rugby that we know we can so we are to blame for that. Having said that if 3 or 4 of the games we narrowly lost had gone our way things might have looked a lot different!

  • You have been confirmed as one of the coaches at the upcoming Investec International Rugby Academy course in Durban starting on 23 June, which aspect of the game will you be focusing on?

Areas of focus for me will be Breakdown, general Loose Forward Play and sessions on getting the most out of your carreer!

  • The psychological aspect of the game plays a huge role especially in a team sport where players often have to psyche their teammates up and persevere when results are not forthcoming. How do you intend to tackle the “motivational” aspect of the course?

It always helps putting things in perspective, having a bit of a birds eye view about things. Learn from the past and control the controleables, which is usually your own attitude, work ethic and commitment to the cause!

  • In terms of motivation, will you be concentrating solely on on-field action or is your approach all-encompassing – that being stayed motivation during the offseason, while injured, in pre-season, while on a losing streak, when you’ve accomplished all you possibly can, etc.?

Without wanting to complicate things re the game which at times can be very simple, there is however a connection between your off field habits and your on field performance fortunate for some, unfortunate for others! Finding that balance and identifying where you are in the proses is the goal!

  • Do you have any tricks or tools (material, videos, etc.) to assist the players during the course and if so, could you tell us about these?

Experience …..!

  • As a current player, representing one of the most popular franchises in the country, how beneficial would you say the courses at the Investec International Rugby Academy are to a player’s development?

With the huge emphasis on Junior rugby and the talent that is coming through in the country, 1 or 2 persent here and there might be the difference between being able to make it as a professional rugby player or just missing out. What better way then to learn from guys who have already been through that process. Investec International Rugby Academy is where you’ll get some of the tricks of the trade to keep you in the inside lane!






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