Q&A with Louis Ludick at Investec International Rugby Academy

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1. You will be one of the coaches at the upcoming Investec International Rugby Academy in Durban starting on 23 June, are you looking forward to the courses?

Yes I am. Its always a big honor for me to help up and coming rugby players and help out where I can.

2. What topic will you be covering at the Investec International Rugby Academy?

I will be covering what it takes to be a fullback/Wing and what requirement there are and what coaches will be looking for and what it takes to become a professional rugby player.

3. This being your speciality, what sort of tips or tools do you have for the players to excel in this particular position?

A few tips on field positioning when on fullback, how to kick and when to kick and a few passing skills.

4. With rugby evolving and the laws of the game constantly changing, how much does this impact on the fullback/wing positions?

You must just keep up with the laws with especially when the ball is caught in or out of the 22m, whether you can kick it out or not and now when the ball is out of play you can have a quick line out much quicker and easier.

5. As a young player making waves for the Sharks and in contention for a place in future Springbok squads, how beneficial would you say these courses at the Investec International Rugby Academy are?

Its massive. There are not a lot of places and/or courses where you can get help and tips from ex and current springboks and professionals. Becoming a professional player these days just gets tougher and tougher. You must get us much of an edge as possible.

6. You’ve recently been sidelined due to injury, have you fully recovered or do you have some niggling concerns?

I don’t think a rugby player is always 100%. There will always be something small bothering you, but regarding my shoulder, its fully recovered and feeling great.

7. Looking back at the first half of the Super Rugby season, how best would you summarise the Sharks’ performance this year in comparison to last season?

We had a lot of injuries, that caused the team not to gain any momentum and by not winning all your home games and picking up a win here and there on our away games, makes it very difficult to make the playoffs. Last year we had a stable start en ended off great. Hopefully we can end up the same way this year.

8. Can you tell us what the team’s target or goals are for the remainder of the tournament?

There has been a lot of changes at the Union, but the team has a lot of pride in the jersey and just want to make it proud the goal would be to win all our upcoming games.

9. Do you think the international break will be beneficial or negative for the team in the Super Rugby competition?

I think it will benefit us immensely. A couple of our injured players are coming back and that would help us a lot. It gives a break to the players’ bodies as well.

10. What are your personal short-term goals?

Just to get back on the field and try and hit form as soon as possible and try help the team the best I can.


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