SANZAR citing process guidelines

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The following is a guide to provide clarity of SANZAR’s investigation of incidents of foul play and reporting timelines.

Citing process and Timelines:

• Teams have four hours post match to request in writing for the Citing Commissioner to review and incident of foul play.

• The SANZAR Citing Commissioners have 12 hours post match to review any incidents from the match via broadcast footage and or additional angles of an incident if available.

• The Citing Commissioner may request additional information on an incident such as:
o Written reports from the Match Referee and his Assistant Referees
o Written testimony from a player(s)
o Medical report from a team doctor
o Any additional angles the team may have of the incident that are not provided by the host broadcaster

• Citing Process following review of an incident has one of three outcomes:
o No further Action
o Issue of “Off-field” Yellow Card
o Cite the player

In the first instance when a player has been cited or has received a Red Card the matter will be reviewed by the Duty Judicial Officer.

Should a matter be referred to a full Judicial Hearing the hearing will take place via video conference at a pre-determined time as set by SANZAR taking into account the time taken by the above process and travel schedules of the teams.

Please note following the issue of a White Card, the incident will be investigated by the Citing Commissioner using the above-mentioned process and timeline, and if no formal notification is released following 12 hours after the match, then the matter is to receive no further action and an update will be provided by SANZAR in the weekly Judicial Wrap posted on the website.

The following announcements will be made by SANZAR:

Notification of a judicial hearing following a Red Card: Within 8 Hours post match.
Notification of an “Off-field” Yellow Card: Within 12 Hours post match.
Notification of a citing: Within 12 Hours post match.
Notification of a formal Judicial Hearing following a citing: As soon as practical.
Notification of an Appeal: As soon as practical.
Notification of a Misconduct Hearing: As soon as practical.

Generally each Monday by 3pm AEST, 5pm NZST, 7am SAST, SANZAR will publish on its website ( a weekly Judicial Wrap with information on all matters Judicial from the previous weekend.

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