Standard Bank Grey High Rugby Festival fixtures

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HOSTS Grey are set for an explosive finish to the Standard Bank Grey High School Rugby Festival when they take on King Edward School of Johannesburg in the final match of the tournament next weekend.

Set to start at 3.20pm on the Philip field, the match will bring the curtain down on the annual extravaganza of schoolboy rugby which will take place on a number of fields on the Grey campus.

In association with Powerade and supported by AlgoaFM, the annual festival will see 81 teams taking part and almost 2 000 players and officials descending on Port Elizabeth for the action on April 28 and 30.

Grey will begin their programme against another Johannesburg side in St John’s College, but it is the final game against KES which is sure to have an injection of spice.

Both proud rugby-playing schools, the sides are sure to be fired up to take home the bragging rights.

The home team have traditionally risen to their occasion at their own festival, but that will only have their KES rivals all the more motivated to pull off victory.

A total of 28 first teams from around the country will do battle during the festival and there is guaranteed to be some exciting action from top schools such as Garsfontein of Pretoria, Johannesburg’s Jeppe High and Durban High School.

Known as Garsies, the Pretoria outfit will prove a handful for Bloemfontein entrants Louis Botha Tech, while the main curtain-raiser on Monday when they tackle DHS will be part of fascinating final afternoon.

Another enthralling contest should come on the opening day when Grahamstown outfit St Andrew’s College open their programme against DHS.

Border powerhouses Queen’s, Selborne and Dale will be in attendance, joined by Hudson Park and Stirling.

Dale will have a tough opener against Jeppe, who have been given one of the harder schedules for the weekend. Besides the slick-running Dalians, they will face Selborne on the Monday, never a side you can take lightly.

Following their notable recent win over Brandwag, Marlow will be keen to make an impact and will provide tough opposition for Graeme College in their opening game, which kicks off the festival on the Philip field.

Their second clash against the energetic Louis Botha outfit should make for a thrilling encounter on the Pollock Oval.

Teams such as Woodridge, Otto du Plessis and Ithembelihle will also relish the opportunity to show what they can do.

Woodridge and Otto play the opening match on the Pollock Oval and the Thornhill-based outfit will again be tested on Monday against Ithembelihle.

The Port Elizabeth township side will not be able to write off the Grey Unicorns in their Saturday encounter.

The first teams competing are: Grey High, Marlow, Graeme, St Andrew’s, Daniel Pienaar, Kingswood, Woodridge, Brandwag, Otto du Plessis, Muir, Ithembelihle, Nico Malan (all EP), St Stithians, Jeppe, KES, St John’s, Parktown, St David’s (Johannesburg), Garsfontein, St Alban’s (Pretoria), Queen’s, Selborne, Dale, Hudson Park, Stirling (Border), Louis Botha Tech (Bloem), DHS (Durban).

Standard Bank Grey High Festival 2018
Philip Field Pollock Oval
8:00 Marlow vs Graeme College 8:00 Woodridge vs Otto du Plessis
9:10 Queen’s College vs St Stithian’s College 9:10 Die Brandwag Hoerskool vs Stirling High School
10:20 HTS Louis Botha vs Garsfontein 10:20 Hudson Park vs Daniel Pienaar
11:40 St Andrew’s College vs Durban High School 11:40 Muir College vs St Alban’s College
12:50 Dale College vs Jeppe 12:50 Grey Unicorns vs Itembilehle
14:00 Selborne College vs KES 14:00 Nico Malan vs Parktown Boys High
15:20 Grey High School vs St John’s College 15:20 Kingswood College vs St David’s
Pyott Field Gordon Field
8:00 Queen’s U15A vs Brandwag U15A 8:00 Nico Malan U14A vs Parktown U14A
9:10 Parktown U15A vs Nico Malan U15A 9:10 St Andrew’s U14A vs Brandwag U14A
10:20 Grey High U15A vs St John’s U15A 10:20 Selborne U14A vs Paarl Gim U14A
11:40 Selborne U15A vs Paarl Gim U15A 11:40 Grey High U14A vs DHS U14A
12:50 Selborne U16A vs Paarl Gim U16A 12:50 Queen’s U14A vs St John’s U14A
14:00 Grey High U16A vs Marlow U16A 14:00 Grey U14B vs Muir U14A
15:20 Jeppe U16A vs Brandwag U16A
St George’s Park Crusaders
8:00 8:00 Framesby U14A vs Hudson Park U14A
9:10 St David’s U16A vs Kingswood U16A 9:10 Framesby U15A vs Hudson Park U15A
10:20 St Andrew’s U16A vs St Stithian’s U16A 10:20 Graeme U14A vs Daniel Pienaar U14A
11:40 Framesby U16A vs Hudson Park U16A 11:40 Graeme U15A vs Daniel Pienaar U15A
12:50 Graeme U16A vs Daniel Pienaar U16A 12:50 St David’s U14A vs Kingswood U14A
14:00 14:00 St David’s U15A vs Kingswood U15A
15:20 15:20
Old Grey Police
8:00 Grey U15B vs Muir U15A
9:10 Grey U16B vs Muir U16A 9:10 Marlow U14A vs Westering U14A
10:20 Queen’s U16A vs Nico Malan U16A 10:20 Marlow U15A vs Westering U15A
11:40 St Andrew’s U15A vs Eezi Fana U15A
12:50 Woodridge U16A vs Parktown U16A
Philip Field Pollock Oval
8:00 Muir College vs St David’s Marist Inanda 8:00 Marlow vs HTS Louis Botha
9:10 Graeme College vs St Alban’s College 9:10 Dale College vs Daniel Pienaar
10:20 Brandwag vs St Stithian’s College 10:20 Kingswood vs St John’s College
11:40 Selborne College vs Jeppe 11:40 Nico Malan vs Stirling High School
12:50 Hudson Park vs Parktown 12:50 Grey Unicorns vs Otto du Plessis
14:00 Durban High School vs Garsfontein 14:00 Woodridge vs Itembilehle
15:20 Grey High School vs KES 15:20
Pyott Field Gordon Field
8:00 Westering U15A vs Queen’s U15A 8:00 Paarl Gim U14A vs Framesby U14A
9:10 Selborne U16A vs Jeppe U16A 9:10 St John’s U14A vs St Andrew’s U14A
10:20 Selborne U15A vs Brandwag U15A 10:20 Selborne U14A vs DHS U14A
11:40 Grey U15A vs Marlow U15A 11:40 Grey U14B vs Brandwag U14A
12:50 Grey U16A vs St Stithian’s U16A 12:50 Westering U14A vs Queen’s U14A
14:00 Queen’s U16A vs Muir U16A 14:00 Grey U14A vs Marlow U14A
Crusaders Old Grey
8:00 St Andrew’s U15A vs St John’s U15A 8:00 Muir U14A vs St David’s U14A
9:10 Paarl Gim U15A vs Framesby U15A 9:10 Muir U15A vs St David’s U15A
10:20 Graeme College U14A vs Parktown U14A 10:20 Brandwag U16A vs St David’s U16A
11:30 Graeme College U15A vs Parktown U15A 11:30 Grey U15B vs Otto du Plessis U15A
12:40 Kingswood U14A vs Daniel Pienaar U14A 12:40 Grey U16B vs Eezi Fana U16A
13:50 Kingswood U15A vs Daniel Pienaar U15A 13:50 Otto du Plessis U16A vs Marlow U16A
15:20 15:00 vs
St George’s Police
8:00 8:00 Hudson Park U14A vs Nico Malan U14A
9:10 Graeme College U16A vs Parktown U16A 9:10 Hudson Park U15A vs Nico Malan U15A
10:20 Paarl Gim U16A vs Framesby U16A 10:20 Hudson Park U16A vs Nico Malan U16A
11:30 Kingswood U16A vs Daniel Pienaar U16A 11:30 vs
12:40 12:40 vs
13:50 13:50 vs

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