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Springbok captain Jean de Villiers on Wednesday appealed to BokSmart certified coaches and referees to register on the new BokSmart research and communications portal called in an attempt to further improve the safety of the sport.
“Rugby safety is of critical importance to those of us who play the game as well as for referees, coaches and spectators. We launched the BokSmart national rugby safety programme in 2009 to play smarter, safer rugby.

If you are a coach or referee you should already have been BokSmart certified to help you prepare your team or to blow the Laws with safety as a No 1 priority.

“Now we’ve gone one step further and want to engage you on how to further improve the safety of the sport. We’ve launched to ultimately get your views on rugby safety issues and we’re starting by asking you about the scrum and breakdown.

The responses will help us gather more practical ‘on-the-ground’ information and will allow us to better communicate important rugby safety-related information to all of our rugby stakeholders.

The object of our first survey is however focused on rugby coaches only to determine the demand for and availability of specialist scrum and breakdown coaches countrywide.

“Rugby is a contact sport and unfortunately this means there are risks associated with the playing of the game.

However the BokSmart team have been working hard to train coaches and referees at all levels of the game to limit the risk of catastrophic injuries in the sport, so I urge you to participate in the survey to help us improve the sport even further.

I have no doubt that if we work together many more players will be able to enjoy the sport we all share a deep passion for,” De Villiers said.

Courtesy of SARU

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