Tjovitjo rugby training aims for coaches & headmaster participation.

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SARU is taking the Vodacom Cup community rugby initiative, the “Tjovitjo” Legacy programme, to schools across the country.

The Vodacom Cup has been a steadfast example of national and provincial rugby development throughout the last decade and as such, this year’s Legacy programme branches out to now also include local school coaches and headmasters.

The SA TAG Rugby Association, a registered Department of Social Development non-profit organisation, will be conducting the initiative through development clinics that serve the sporting communities within townships and particularly township schools.

The entire Legacy rugby clinic programme initiative, which will be broken down into five 3-day clinics and 15 smaller 1-day clinics throughout the key development areas within each Union, will also as part of the programme, offer coaches and headmasters a short three-hour coaching course that focuses on the safest and most recent training techniques when introducing children to the game of rugby. Once the coaches and headmasters complete the course, they will become recognised graduates as TAG Rugby accredited coaches.

In addition, the association will manage a data base of accredited coaches and referees in all provinces in order to be contracted to coach TAG Rugby, thus allowing these teachers the option of pursuing possible careers as full-time coaches.

The partners involved in this Vodacom Cup initiative will ensure that all equipment used during the clinics will be donated to the headmasters of the school to ensure every one of the current and future pupils will have access to protective, modern training equipment.

As an added initiative, SARU will further donate a brand new “Tjovijto” branded mini bus to the school that manages to certify a headmaster who has a sterling record with the most students through the TAG Rugby programme after their formal training clinic has been completed.

“The approach has been carefully strategised to successfully encourage safe and sustained grassroots rugby development at each of the areas visited throughout the Vodacom Cup tournament. The initiative was designed to engage not only the pupils but also the community as a whole and nurture a lasting rugby culture,” says Marketing Manager Sarah Mundy. “The development officers and headmasters are an integral part to the puzzle in making community rugby a true success. They are the foundation within each school, bringing the skills and scope within the system that can then be strictly and accurately monitored and maintained.”

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