UPDATE: Paarl Gym players unite around ill friend and team mate after 45 Years

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A while back I posted a touching story about Neil “Bulletjie” Jordaan who was diagnosed with cancer, decided against treatment and then got a surprise reunion from his 1965 Paarl Gym team mates.

Read the full article here: http://www.rugby15.co.za/2010/11/paarl-gymnasium-players-unite-around-ill-rugby-friend-and-team-mate-after-45-years/

I am very happy to report that Bulletjie is doing remarkably well under the circumstances and that most of the pain has subsided for now while the weight loss is also not as extreme as anticipated. Bulletjie is still his positive self.

Bulletjie and his family just returned from a four week vacation in Kleinmond and although he was unable to go down to the beach he had more than enough company with all his friends making turns to visit Bulletjie in and around the house.

Bulletjie now spends most of his time watching DVDs and keeps in touch with the world by browsing the internet on his new wireless home network.

There is no doubt that Bulletjie, like the rest of South Africa, can’t wait for the rugby season to kick off again. These two months without any decent rugby are enough to drive any rugby-lover up the walls.

Piet Uys, Bulletjie’s friend and also the organiser of the first reunion, was kind enough to supply us with two photos of Bulletjie over the the festive season.

Christmas time with Bulletjie

Christmas time with Bulletjie

Bulletjie shares his bed and DVDs

Bulletjie shares his bed and DVDs


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