Who will win the Six Nations 2010?

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RBS Six Nations Cup

RBS Six Nations Cup

We are preparing our schedules to view rugby – and a lot of it! We are invited to weddings and we check our calendars to check if this does not spoil our prior rugby viewing engagements! Not only will the Super 14 start in a fortnight, but the Six Nations will start this coming weekend!

So who do we believe have the best chance of winning the Six Nations 2010?

Rugby15 has come across analysis by top coach and rugby expert Bob Dwyer and would like to share some of his thoughts.

Bob Dwyer makes the following important comments about a potential winner:

–          That only France, Ireland and Wales can win the Championship, but it’s difficult to see a Grand Slam.

–          Only Ireland are consistent enough to prevail and they do have three home games, albeit with France away, in Paris.

–          Both Wales and France are capable of excellent performances, but lack consistency and will need all of the best players available.

The analysis of Bob Dwyer goes further than merely deciding a winner and also provides the reasoning behind these choices of a potential winner. We would like to highlight some of the reasons provided:


–          Regarded as both brilliant and pragmatic with excellent leadership all over the pitch.

–          They can be tough and relentless, where required.

–          They have great speed and realignment in their backline and are therefore capable of the snap try from the smallest opportunity.

–          A visit to Paris should not be a threat to the Irish


–          Unpredictable and can be brilliant –and then again awful the next week.

–          Much will depend on selections and poor selection could be their downfall.

–          World-class players are available.


–          Capable of playing instinctive rugby – perhaps better than anyone else – but, at times, they seem reluctant to do so.

–          They will need all of their best players – and injuries could threaten their chances.

–          There is sometimes appear undecided about the defensive strategy  – which could have catastrophic results.

Bob Dwyer also alerts to the home and away advantage and makes an important point in saying “Ireland CAN win away in Paris, but can Wales win in Dublin, and can France win in Cardiff?”

[Bob Dwyer analysis: What does the 2010 Six Nations have in store? – appeared on the website Heaven’s Game]

I’m certainly looking forward to it!

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