Mpumalanga Rugby Union Steval Pumas Awards

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Photos: Hennie Homann

NELSPRUIT – The Steval Pumas’ Renaldo Bothma has literally cleaned the trophy cabinet for the 2014 season as he was crowned the Mpumalanga Rugby Union’s Steval Puma Rugby player of the Year.
Bothma, who lead the team’s success for the year with hard hitting tackles, great ball carries and total rugby was also crowned as the Nel Trophies Vodacom Cup and Currie Cup player of the year and the referee’s player of the year.
“What an honour to be rewarded with all the prizes. I can only thank my heavenly father for the talent he gave me, thank my support base in the likes of my parents, fellow players and the whole of Nelspruit community for this year. And yes, thank you to coach Jimmy Stonehouse for believing in me and giving me the opportunities I had. This lead to the great opportunity to play Super Rugby and World Cup in 2015,”Bothma said.
Vincent Koch, another star in the forwards walked away with several awards on the evening. Not only was he crowned as the Most Promising Forward, but as the Forward of the Year and’s SupaPuma of the year.
Wilmaure Louw received the prize for the Most Promising Back. Lubabalo “Giant” Mtyanda surely deserved his prize as the Most Improved player of the Year.
With his commitment, attitude on and off the pitch, no-one else than De-Jay Terblanché deserved the title of Most Dedicated Player of the Year more. Stefan Watermeyer lead by example on the pitch and scored the most tries for the Currie Cup season (4) and Justin van Staden scored the most points (100). Watermeyer also received the Best Back of the Year for his Super15 run at the Xerox Golden Lions and for a great Currie Cup season in the Steval Pumas jersey.
The two best defenders of the season were Corné Steenkamp (forward) and Ruwellyn Isbell (back). To end his rugby playing career on a high, Steenkamp was also rewarded with the Playyer’s Player of the Year trophy. He has recently been appointed as the new conditioning coach at the Steval Pumas.

Professional team awards in Afrikaans:
Nel Trophies |2014 Vodacom Speler van die Jaar
Nominasies:​Renaldo Bothma, Wilmaure Louw
Wenner: ​Renaldo Bothma

Belowendste Voorspeler van die Jaar 2014
Nominasies:​Vincent Koch, Lubabalo “Giant” Mtyanda
Wenner:​Vincent Koch

Belowendste Agterspeler van die Jaar 2014
Nominasies:​JW Bell, Wilmaure Louw
Wenner:​Wilmaure Louw

Beste Vordering in 2014
Nominasies:​Justin van Staden, Lubabalo “Giant” Mtyanda
Wenner:​Lubabalo Mtyanda

Meeste drieë in 2014:​​Stefan Watermeyer (4)
Meeste punte in 2014:​​Justin van Staden (100)

Lojaalste Speler van die Jaar 2014
Nominasies:​De-Jay Terblanche, Brian Shabangu​​​​​
Wenner:​DeJay Terblanché

2014 Beste verdediger: Voorspeler
Nominasies: ​Renaldo Bothma, Corné Steenkamp​​​​
Wenner:​Corné Steenkamp

2014 Beste verdediger: Agterspeler
Nominasies:​Ruwellyn Isbell, Stefan Watermeyer, JW Bell
Wenner:​Ruwellyn Isbell

2014 Voorspeler van die Jaar
Nominasies:​Lubabalo Mtyanda, Vincent Koch
Wenner:​Vincent Koch

2104 Agterspeler van die Jaar
Nominasies:​Justin van Staden, Stefan Watermeyer
Wenner: ​Stefan Watermeyer

2014 Spelers Speler van die Jaar – ook spesiale diens toekenning
Nominasies:​Corné Steenkamp, Renaldo Bothma
Wenner:​Corné Steenkamp (159 wedstryde,

2014 se SupaPuma van die Jaar​
Nominasies:​Al die blondekoppe: Faf de Klerk, Corné Fourie, Renaldo Bothma, Vincent Koch
Wenner:​Vincent Koch

2014 Curriebeker Speler van die Jaar
Nominasies:​Renaldo Bothma, Vincent Koch
Wenner:​Renaldo Botha

2014 Steval Puma Speler van die Jaar
Nominasies:​Vincent Koch, Renaldo Bothma
Wenner:​Renaldo Bothma

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