The fixtures for Paarl Gimnasium u16 School Rugby Tournament

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This will be the 20th u16 School Rugby Tournament & Festival hosted by Paarl Gimnasium in Paarl.

The tournament will take place from 31st March to 4th April 2012.

Some of South Africa’s top rugby schools participating in this tournament that produced more than 50% of the SA u16 High Performance Squad.

DAY 1 – Kriel Field (31 March 2012)

09:00 Hoërskool Oudtshoorn vs Hoërskool Kempton Park #Kempies

10:10 Paarl XV vs Hoërskool Framesby

11:20 Rustenburg Hoërskool vs Hoër Landbouskool Marlow

12:30 Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool #Affies (Pretoria) vs Glenwood High School

13:40 Boland Landbou vs Michaelhouse Diocesan College #MHS

14:50 Outeniqua Hoërskool #Kwaggas vs Hoërskool Monument #Monnas

16:00 Paul Roos Gymnasium vs Hoërskool Dr. E.G. Jansen

17:10 HJS Paarl #Boishaai vs Hoërskool Waterkloof #Klofies

18:20 Paarl Gimnasium vs Grey College

DAY 1 – Lemoenkloof Field (31 March 2012)

09:00 Hoërskool Garsfontein #Garsies vs Hoërskool Brackenfell #Brakkies

10:10 Hoërskool Punt (Mosselbaai) vs Hoërskool Diamantveld

11:20 Hoërskool Centurion vs Hoërskool Tygerberg

DAY 2 – Kriel Field (2 April 2012)

09:00 Hoërskool Centurion vs Hoërskool Oudtshoorn

10:10 Hoërskool Punt (Mosselbaai) vs Rustenburg Hoërskool

11:20 Hoërskool Brackenfell #Brakkies vs Hoërskool Diamantveld

12:30 Hoërskool Dr. E.G. Jansen vs Michaelhouse Diocesan College #MHS

13:40 Outeniqua Hoërskool #Kwaggas vs Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool #Affies (Pretoria)

14:50 Hoërskool Waterkloof #Klofies vs Grey College

16:00 Paarl Gimnasium vs Hoërskool Garsfontein #Garsies

17:10 Paul Roos Gymnasium vs Glenwood High School

18:20 HJS Paarl #Boishaai vs Hoërskool Monument #Monnas

DAY 2 – Lemoenkloof Field (2 April 2012)

09:00 Hoërskool Kempton Park #Kempies vs Hoër Landbouskool Marlow

10:10 Hoërskool Tygerberg vs Paarl XV

11:20 Boland Landbou vs Hoërskool Framesby

DAY 3 – Kriel Field (4 April 2012)

08:30: Hoërskool Centurion vs Hoërskool Framesby

09:40: Hoërskool Tygerberg vs Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool #Affies (Pretoria)

10:50: Boland Landbou vs Hoërskool Monument #Monnas

12:00: Paarl Gimnasium vs Glenwood High School

DAY 3 – Lemoenkloof Field (4 April 2012)

08:30 Hoërskool Dr. E.G. Jansen vs Hoërskool Brackenfell #Brakkies

09:40 Grey College vs Hoërskool Kempton Park #Kempies

10:50 Hoërskool Waterkloof #Klofies vs Paarl XV

12:00 Paul Roos Gymnasium vs Hoër Landbouskool Marlow

DAY 3 – Oukraal Field (4 April 2012)

08:30 Hoërskool Garsfontein #Garsies vs Hoërskool Punt (Mosselbaai)

09:40 Hoërskool Oudtshoorn vs Hoërskool Diamantveld

10:50 Rustenburg Hoërskool vs Outeniqua Hoërskool #Kwaggas

12:00 HJS Paarl #Boishaai vs Michaelhouse Diocesan College #MHS


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