South African Rugby Agents join Forces to protect the industry

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In a move that may have long-standing ramifications in the business of South African rugby, the majority of South Africa’s registered rugby agents on Wednesday joined forces in order to collectively protect their industry and ensure their bargaining rights. The agents elected a board of five members, which will be chaired by Anthony Johnson of World Artists, who spearheaded the formation of the association.

The board members are as follows:

Anthony Johnson (World Artists) – Chairman, James Adams (In Touch Sports), Craig Livingstone (TLMG), Hilton Houghton (Union Sports Group) and Stephen Knoop (In-Site Athlete Management).

Anthony Johnson had the following to say regarding the formation of the association.

“After months of discussion and organisation it is very encouraging to have the bulk of agents supporting this move; however, the enthusiasm shown now needs to be directed and focused on improving our industry. We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be dictated to by SARU/SARPA and so while we may ruffle some feathers in the process of achieving our vision I believe we can create a better business environment for all agents and in so doing add value to SA Rugby. It is no secret that we are involved in a very aggressive, cut-throat industry, but the steps taken today show that the agents are keen and willing to make the industry work for us all and I would like to commend them for that.”

Agents play an important role in ensuring that the business of rugby in South African is run professionally. The association intends to protect the rights of agents and also to ensure the integrity of the industry by creating a platform that allows agents to engage with one another on the various issues that arise in the business of being a rugby agent.

The registered agents who have joined the association to date are:

James Adams (In Touch Sports), Flippie Du Toit (Union Sports Group), Mark Greeff, Hilton Houghton (Union Sports Group), Gavin Jones (Union Sports Group), Anthony Johnson (World Artists), Rayno Jonker (Rhino Sports Consultants), Eduard Kelder (Prosport International), Neil Minnaar, Andy Turner, Gert van der Merwe (Playerlink), Jan-Harm van Wyk, Peet van Zyl (In-Site Athlete Management), Eben Venter (Sterling Sport), Wim Meyer (In Touch Sports), Johan van Greune (iSport SA), Riaan Ahrens, Dini Mkhonto Mfanya, Chris Smit (In-Site Athlete Management), Mike Makaab (Prosport International), Stephen Knoop (In-Site Athlete Management), Jaco Du Plessis (Executive Sport Management), Grant Beckett (Global Sports Management), Nina Russouw (Union Sports Group), Craig Livingstone (TLMG), Roger Ferneyhough, Christopher Rigney, Daniel Kerdachi, Chris de Beer, and Andre Bester.

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